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Adding a Paypal link

31 Jan

I’d like one of these nifty Paypal buttons on this blog, why not? I say.

Just testing… it seems to be broken, I’ll try some other web browsers


Everybody likes Gorguts

30 Jan

Currently this is what i have, this excludes the Two From The Vault reissue, which doesn’t count… 8X
Oh and, Negativa [my first ever Paypal purchase] which I got directly from Prodisk in Canada.

sam_1708 sam_1711

Today’s scores

29 Jan

Today's scores

Marduk – Obedience [EP, Digipak]
Baphomet – The Dead Shall Inherit [Digipak, Reissue]
Gorguts – Obscura [Promo, Jewel Case]

Exploding Pyrex

29 Jan

exploding pyrex

When good Yorkshire pud goes bad, 260C oil went everywhere, it was so hot the batter was cooking on the bench!

Post 1 testing

29 Jan

Where does this post go ‘by default’ ?


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