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27 Feb

Revenge ‎– Attack.Blood.Revenge [nasty stuff, I like]



Broken Bueno [theme]

26 Feb

That search widget at the top shouldn’t be there and the page is broken about half way down too?!

Today’s scores

26 Feb

Napalm Death ‎– Breed To Breathe [EP, US version with Impending Doom covering Greed Killing]
Impiety ‎– Kaos Kommand 696 [FRA, standard jewel case version, this album slays]
Immortal ‎– Pure Holocaust [just a repress]
Machine Head ‎– Supercharger [EUR, not too bad, these guys seem to be hit and miss…]
Burial Invocation ‎– Rituals Of The Grotesque [Dark Descent, EP, killer stuff, pity it’s not for me ha ha]
Goatwhore – Carving Out The Eyes Of God [Digipak, not for me]


Inverloch ‎– Dusk | Subside [single sided etched 12″, this sounds noticeably better than the CD, which I got last week]


Today’s scores

23 Feb

Woo hoo! I finally got an original Bolt Thrower – Realm Of Chaos (Slaves To Darkness)



Today’s scores

20 Feb

Some stuff from the Salvation Army shop

Beck – Odelay [I’ve wanted this for years]
Cypress Hill – Superstar [single]
Insane Clown Posse – The Amazing Jechel Brothers [I don’t listen to this garbage, I got it for the red case to go with my Disciples Of Mockery CD which is en route as we speak without a case to save postage]
Prokofiev – Peter And the Wolf / Saint-Saens – Carnival Of The Animals [old one from 1993]
Holst – Planets / Elgar – Pomp And Circumstance, Marches 1 & 4
‘Eyeball disc’ – some annoying dubstep rubbish, CDr too oops, I liked the case

3 CD racks
1 Edgar Allan Poe book [hard cover from 1986]
1 A Perfect Circle – aMOTION CD+DVD

And some stuff from another music shop I tripped over
Lee Perry – Excaliburman [UK, old one from 1992, pretty metal for a Dub guy! ha ha ha]
Akercocke – The Goat Of Mendes [UK 2005 reissue Digipak, new and sealed x 2, sing out if you want one!]


From the same shop, some vinyl! [for a change]

Autopsy – Acts Of The Unspeakable [Ltd 997/200 yellow, full gore artwork]
Hypocrisy – A Taste Of Extreme Divinity [Ltd 224/? with 7″ bonus]
Deicide – Serpents Of The Light [Cargo, comes with poster]
KYLESA – To Walk A Middle Course
Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today [Ltd edition, double gatefold LP] !!!!!





Today’s scores

20 Feb

From last Sunday, some of these go straight in my for sale thread

Various ‎– …And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth And Tongue Wherever Shelter Was Given [SWE, Cold Meat Industry Compilation, I have 2 of these now]
Fear Factory ‎– Remanufacture (Cloning Technology) [EUR, it was cheap, I quite like it in small doses]
Fear Factory ‎– Hatefiles [OZ, erk! well it is what it is… and ‘Concrete’ / ‘Soul’ this is not]
Burial Hordes ‎– War, Revenge & Total Annihilation [SIN, Pulverised reissue, Digipak, vicious black metal, wicked stuff!]
Fu Manchu ‎– No One Rides For Free [US, original]
Coffins ‎– Buried Death [NED, Hammerheart reissue in a jewel case with 2 bonus live songs, I have 2 different versions of this now]
Coffins ‎– March Of Despair [not bad, a bit short… filthy artwork]
Slayer ‎– Christ Illusion [US, censored front cover insert, I have the cool holographic digipak + DVD too]
Slayer ‎– Haunting The Chapel [OZ/NZ, slightly different to the one I already have, accidental double up too, oops]
Slayer ‎– Live Undead + Haunting The Chapel [OZ reissue, I’m not sure of the date, does anyone know?]
Brujeria ‎– The Mexecutioner! The Best Of Brujeria [US, love these guys mang]
Inverloch – Dusk | Subside [Digipak, Mini album, killer! I’ve had my eye on this for ages, lets hope we get a full album soon]
Cathedral ‎– Anniversary [Double live album, not for me]
High On Fire ‎– Snakes For The Divine [another copy, not for me]
Goatwhore ‎– The Eclipse Of Ages Into Black
Goatwhore ‎– Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun [copy protected disc…]
Goatwhore ‎– A Haunting Curse
Pantera ‎– Planet Caravan [CD2 of a 2 part set]
Armagedda ‎– The Final War Approaching [original Breath Of Night/Merciless, not really my cup of tea]
Disma ‎– Towards The Megalith [Digipak, is there a jewel case version? man this album kills it dead with death and fire! I’ve waited months for it to go on sale. wicked artwork too, it reminds me of Knives Of Ice and Frozen In Time]
Machine Head ‎– Through The Ashes Of Empires [advance promo, I gave up on these guys for a while but this I quite like, lets say I ‘rediscovered’ them]
Horde Of Anachron ‎– Aeons Of Damnation [CAN, black/death/thrash pretty good stuff too]
Anvil ‎– This Is Thirteen [OZ, with 3 bonus songs, including Metal On Metal, just discovered these guys last week]
Graveworm ‎– Engraved In Black [GER, digipak, fairly melodious black metal, not bad but not really my cup of tea]
Mantas ‎– Death By Metal [US, Death demos, pretty rough, I’m only a semi-Death fan too]


Ministry and related collection [so far]

16 Feb

All my Ministry, Revolting Cocks etc stuff to date, work in progress…




Today’s scores

15 Feb

Abscess ‎– Urine Junkies [apparently this is a compilation? I didn’t know that]
Testament ‎– The Gathering [EUR version]
Infernäl Mäjesty ‎– Unholier Than Thou [CAN version]


Today’s scores

12 Feb

Blasphemy ‎– Total Blasphemic Rituals [CDr, Bootleg, shhh I know]
Sorrow ‎– Hatred And Disgust [wicked, I’ve wanted this for a while, original US version]
Promise Of Bloodshed ‎– Hatred Inherit [NZ death/thrash/hardcore metal, I have 2 copies of this one now]
Queensrÿche ‎– The Warning [original US, not really my cup of tea… although it is quite good I suppose]
Holocaustia ‎– The Sacrament Seed [some nice stripped down black metal here]
Tulus ‎– Cold Core Collection [double CD with demos and cover songs, super catchy black metal]
Monster Magnet ‎– Powertrip [Limited Tour Edition 2CD, cool but Dave gets a bit full of himself on the live disc, maybe he was wasted]

Avotor ‎– Looming [freaky NZ electronic dark-fi stuff, I’ve wanted this for years]
Avotor ‎– Illooming [remixes of a few songs from Looming]
Mars Needs… Total Science [disappointing album from these guys]
The Vitamin String Quartet ‎– Performs AC/DC [ha ha ha, not bad]
Summum Bonum ‎– David Donson [not really metal but they have some wicked crunchy guitars and some pretty loose stuff, screaming etc a bit like Sonic Youth]

Georges Bizet – Symphony in C / Camille Saint-Saens – Symphony No 3 [well this is just excellent, I’ve wanted some Bizet for a while, the CD is from 1993]


Gorguts News: GORGUTS | Season of Mist, Metal Label

6 Feb

Gorguts News: GORGUTS | Season of Mist, Metal Label.

Gorguts News: GORGUTS | Season of Mist, Metal Label

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