Today’s scores

12 Feb

Blasphemy ‎– Total Blasphemic Rituals [CDr, Bootleg, shhh I know]
Sorrow ‎– Hatred And Disgust [wicked, I’ve wanted this for a while, original US version]
Promise Of Bloodshed ‎– Hatred Inherit [NZ death/thrash/hardcore metal, I have 2 copies of this one now]
Queensrÿche ‎– The Warning [original US, not really my cup of tea… although it is quite good I suppose]
Holocaustia ‎– The Sacrament Seed [some nice stripped down black metal here]
Tulus ‎– Cold Core Collection [double CD with demos and cover songs, super catchy black metal]
Monster Magnet ‎– Powertrip [Limited Tour Edition 2CD, cool but Dave gets a bit full of himself on the live disc, maybe he was wasted]

Avotor ‎– Looming [freaky NZ electronic dark-fi stuff, I’ve wanted this for years]
Avotor ‎– Illooming [remixes of a few songs from Looming]
Mars Needs… Total Science [disappointing album from these guys]
The Vitamin String Quartet ‎– Performs AC/DC [ha ha ha, not bad]
Summum Bonum ‎– David Donson [not really metal but they have some wicked crunchy guitars and some pretty loose stuff, screaming etc a bit like Sonic Youth]

Georges Bizet – Symphony in C / Camille Saint-Saens – Symphony No 3 [well this is just excellent, I’ve wanted some Bizet for a while, the CD is from 1993]



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