Today’s scores

12 Mar

Cryptic Slaughter ‎– Money Talks [reissued, remastered, live songs etc I also have Convicted, sounds a bit like Cerebral Fix]
Damaged ‎– Purified In Pain [finally!!! I love this album, Terrorizer cover, odd guitar wizard stuff, Kevin Sharp, what’s not to like]
Faith No More – Introduce Yourself [OZ original one but in the wrong case…]
Just One Fix ‎– Blood Horizon [excellent Kiwi thrash/death metal, selling accidental double up]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Ungod [US original, not bad, can’t say I paid much attention to them when this came out]
The Fucking Wrath ‎– Season Of Evil [I had no idea how wicked these guys were! cool artwork too, can anyone confirm the catalogue number/matrix for this one for me?]
Various ‎– Spectrum Fest: Micro-Brewed Musical Artistry [Relapse Oktober Fest 1996 sampler]

un metal
Salmonella Dub ‎– Heal Me [Ltd Ed 2 disc version, has one of those cool half clear discs]
Sonic Youth ‎– The Eternal [OZ/NZ version, for sale]



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