Today’s scores

20 Mar

Lair Of The Minotaur ‎– Evil Power [man this is awesome! I’ve never heard of them before and took a gamble]
Nuclear Blast – Various ‎– Blasting Your Ears! Vol. 2 [3 good songs the rest is annoying deathcore etc]
Nullifier ‎– Silent Destruction [solid Kiwi death metal]
Primus ‎– Frizzle Fry [finally I have an original copy]
Sarcófago ‎– I.N.R.I. [filthy bootleg! quite a well done one too so watch out]
Spaceboy ‎– Searching The Stone Library For The Green Page Of Illusion [whoah! this is everything I hoped it would be, wicked stoner doom, I’ve picked it up and put it down a few times and never actually played it, very good stuff]

Colonel Claypool’s Bucket Of Bernie Brains ‎– The Big Eyeball In The Sky [another Les project]
Karl Sanders ‎– Saurian Exorcisms [hmm this sounds like all the bits of a Nile album that are between all the metal bits ha ha]
Ozzy Osbourne ‎– Live At Budokan [OZ/NZ version, if I hear another Zakk Wylde guitar squeal I’ll scream, this is an ok album but those guitar squeals annoy me, I didn’t realise who the other performers were till I looked in the booklet/rear cover photos either]

Drum ‘n Bass/Electronic
Alex Reece ‎– So Far [not bad, not as hard or dark as I usually like but has some familiar tunes on it]
Buckfunk 3000 ‎– First Class Ticket To Telos [fun electronic stuff]
Dillinja ‎– Cybotron [killer first album, I saw him live here a while ago]
DJ Krush ‎– Stepping Stones The Self-Remixed Best [2 CDs the 1st sucks it’s full of MC’s, the 2nd is ok but a bit too slow, not hard enough]
Drumsound And Simon “Bassline” Smith ‎– Nature Of The Beast [this is more like it!]
Ed Rush And Optical ‎– Wormhole [this is essential dnb, double album too]
Function Compilation – Mixed By Total Science ‎– Jah Sessions [glad I snagged this one, it has some gems that I’ve wanted for ages on it]
Omni Trio ‎– Skeleton Keys [not bad]
Panacea ‎– Underground Superstardom [excellent German dnb/dark brutal stuff, not as hard as his older stuff though, more ‘normal’ sounding dnb]
Paradigm ‎– Process [very good Kiwi dnb/electronica, I’ve wanted this for years]
Roni Size / Reprazent ‎– New Forms [what can I say, it’s Roni Size]
The Chemical Brothers ‎– Come With Us [way better than I was expecting, this is a promo in a cardboard sleeve]
The Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation [sounds like Prodigy…]

And this rubbish, accidental purchases, they were in the wrong section and are both dubstep which I do not like at all
Optimus Gryme – Annihilation Of The Ego
Peverelist – Jarvik Mindstate



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