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Security course

27 Apr

I started some security [guard] training last week, it’s pretty interesting.
Hopefully I’ll get a patrol type job out of it with a bit of variety and not too much standing around, I’m not too keen on static guard stuff [standing on the door of a shop etc] and forget bouncing at a club or bar, doing events would be ok too.


Phonetic alphabet and 24 hour time I’ve wanted to learn for years but never have…
I’ll have to use both on a daily basis.
I’ve applied for my COA [certificate of approval] which will take a couple of weeks or maybe a month to arrive


Crimes Act 1961

Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010

So much to learn


Recent Purchases

25 Apr

Grabbed this lot last Sunday

Anaal Nathrakh ‎– The Codex Necro [my first AN album pretty awesome stuff, I heard Pandemonic Hyperblast years ago and dug it, it’s on this album, they have 8 albums now?!]
Anthrax ‎– Return Of The Killer A’s [AUS version, cool!]
Faith No More ‎– Angel Dust [Aus, ‘red square’ [Russia] picture on the disc version, nice!]
Impiety ‎– Formidonis Nex Cultus [slipcase/jewel case version, killer stuff, I paid a bit too much but it’s worth it]
Machine Head ‎– The Blackening [AUS version]
Mastodon ‎– The Hunter [AUS version, not bad, track 11 is good]
Melvins ‎– Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments [basically two albums on one disc, nice]
Nashgul ‎– Humanicidio [Spanish Grindcore? pretty gnarly CD it’s compilation of all their split EPs]
Phobia ‎– Grind Your Fucking Head In
Sacred Reich ‎– Still Ignorant (1987-1997) [wicked, I thought this was a compilation till I got it home and played it]
Slayer ‎– World Painted Blood [AUS version in a plain jewel case, I have the Digipak with bonus DVD too]
Tormented ‎– Graveyard Lust [not quite Rotten Death good but still good]

IN•DK ‎– Kill Whitey! [Hardcore]
Lard ‎– Power Of Lard EP [AUS version, repress, first time I’ve heard these guys… different, not really metal either]
Marilyn Manson ‎– Smells Like Children [I quite enjoy a bit of MM, this is the only CD I own though]

Various – A Reggae Tribute To The Beatles [not bad, it just made me want to hear the originals]
Various ‎– Rumble In The Jungle [NZ dnb compilation]
Thievery Corporation ‎– Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi
Thievery Corporation ‎– DJ-Kicks
Various ‎– Bingo Sessions Volume 2 [dnb compilation]
Various ‎– V Forever Baby! [dnb compilation]
Salmonella Dub – THC Winter [really cool maxi ep thing with some remixes of old stuff]


Recent Purchase

21 Apr

Some damaged and really crappily packed CDs I got the other day

Corrosion Of Conformity ‎– Blind [one of my favourite albums ever, this is the original US version]
Damaged ‎– Token Remedies Research [excellent AUS grinding death noise]
Grand Supreme Blood Court ‎– Bow Down Before The Blood Court [not bad, another Van Drunen project]
Melvins ‎– Dale Crover [part of a set of 3, I think the King Buzzo one is ‘the good one’ from memory]
Zyklon ‎– World Ov Worms [I really dig these guys, I must have them all by now]

Panacea ‎– Low Profile Darkness [dark, dark, dark twisted electro drum n bass weirdness from the German master: Panacea]
This was actually a free-bee and has the most impressive disc rot I’ve seen to date

all CDs

disc rot

Record Store Day 2013 At Real Groovy Auckland

20 Apr

Saw most of the Beastwars set, I may have been waylaid by the rain and taken shelter under a tree so missed a couple of songs, no major as I’ll be seeing them play with Unida here soon.
Real Groovy was packed and it was raining and hellishly humid inside, yuk! sweating hard.

I snagged a couple of CDs while I was there though

Various ‎– Wizards Of Gore – Tribute To Impetigo [pretty cool, it even has all the intros and stuff plus a foreword etc by Impetigo members]
Deranged ‎– Plainfield Cemetery [wicked! love these guys]


It’s after this that things get super wicked-cool, a mate and I went to Sky City casino for some free food and on a whim I dropped $2 into a machine, the thing spewed out $251! ha ha ha wicked score, I literally pressed 1 button :)
We had a beer each then left.


Weekend acquisitions

18 Apr

Order From Chaos ‎– An Ending In Fire [killer! I actually saw a dude in the shop with an Order From Chaos t-shirt on too, what are the chances of that, we had a bit of a yak too]
Grenade ‎– The Howling Damned [apparently the first pressing of this has an incorrect track listing… trying to figure out which one I have, I think mine’s the misprint, this is pretty good stuff too]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Wither Blister Burn & Peel [original US version, I skipped these guys years ago and have pretty much just discovered them now, I have their first album Ungod too]
Machine Head ‎– The More Things Change… [European version, pretty good second album]
Frodus ‎– Conglomerate International [not bad possibly Christian? hardcore/alternative metal stuff]
Frodus ‎– 22-D10 [half studio/half live]

Paradigm – Process [NZ d’n’b, I already have one, for sale]

DVD By Sexy – The Eagles Of Death Metal [god awful garbage that I only got because it was cheap, very much for sale]


Scratched Concord Dawn CDs

14 Apr

I bought and paid for these 2 CDs on March 31st, they arrived on April 3rd [Easter weekend notwithstanding]
The cases were damaged: 1 front cover broken and both spindles broken, this likely happened in transit, no real major.
However, the discs themselves were in poor condition and are so scratched they won’t even play.
I contacted the seller immediately after inspection on April 3rd about the damage and the condition of the discs, they responded April 4th with this:

“That’s never happened to me before :( I have always kept my CD’s in mint condition as I am a collector myself. If the cases are badly smashed and CD’s are scratched that was definitely the postage but as you can see from my feedback I have never had any issues with that in the past nor could I ever send an item that is damaged to a buyer. I am quite shocked to read that they arrived in that state. I would be happy to refund the money as I am really baffled why that has happened. Since this is the first time that has happened to an item I have sent I have found out you can claim damage on that via the NZ post website seems like you just need to call the 0800 number and keep the package handy. Please let me know what option is best for you.”

The communication up to the point when I received them had been very good, it was a nice fast trade [the seller lives in the same city as me too]
I have not heard from them since April 4th, they haven’t returned any more emails nor have I received my refund, the hosting auction site has now communicated with them, it’s been 2 weeks since I bought the CDs…
I’m happy to get them resurfaced but that will cost $5 per disc and until I get my refund or hear back from the seller I can’t do a thing, very frustrating!

Anyway here’s some pictures:

appraisal edited enemy disc uprising disc

Rotten Sound / Ulcerate gig

12 Apr

I arrived at The Winchester in Newton, Auckland at about 10pm, just in time to catch Ulcerate play their last 4 or so songs.
I’ve wanted to see these guys for ages, I found it a bit difficult to get into but the fast bits were wicked, and those drums!
After the set I shook the vocalist/bassists hand and had a brief yak, I can see why they are so popular: Gorguts worship, part of the conversation was about it being the first time either of us had been to The Winchester ha ha I quite liked the venue, it was just a big cube with a few tables dotted here and there, the sound desk was bang in the middle way at the back and the bar was off to the side [which I don’t ever bother with] the stage was in the corner and quite low, Keijo got into the crowd at one point for some 1:1 face to face barking, fffriggin’ awesome!

Man I had to walk all the way there so when I got into the place I just turned to sweat, grim!
And I realised I spent about 20 minutes standing right next to most of Rotten Sound ha ha

Rotten sound hit the stage just after 11pm and they hit it hard, super heavy hell speed Grindcore is excellent live!
I think about 1 or 2 songs into their set the power for the guitar or bass shat itself so we had to put up with some fairly hilarious banter in the interim, actually the whole set was peppered with comedy [How many Finnish Grindcore bands does it take to change a light bulb?] Rotten Sound are the funnest band I’ve seen live so far, all smiling and looked happy to be there 8D

I counted about 100 people there, not bad for a Thursday night
The whole gig was filmed too I think? I saw some camera set up near the stage and some bloke was fiddling with it, plus everyone had their ‘smartphones’ out filming etc [oh-puh-leese!] the guitarist had a decent camera too [the one with the Unsane t-shirt]

It was all over by midnight, we had a 1 or 2 [?] song encore

$40 door sale tickets [$35 online early if you didn’t muck about, oops]
$5 for a sew on patch
No Rotten Sound CDs [left?!] on the merch table but Ulcerate [and I think Graves, one of the support bands, the other support band were Carnal] had some CDs and vinyl, $20 for a CD though ouch.

I highly recommend seeing these guys live, pummelled by Grindcore, what a way to go.
Wellington, you’re in for a treat and be fully prepared to ‘participate’ too ha ha ha \m/

rotten sound patch

“Grindcore is fast enough” –Me

Shelves, drawers and speakers

10 Apr

I got some shelving, drawers and speakers this week.
It’s been a long time coming [just over 4 months!]
The speakers I got on a whim, they were a good price so I snagged them while they were there [Tannoy 632] they are murderously loud even before I bi-wire them :o
All the shelving and drawers are from a retail music shop that closed down…

All 6 drawers are on double extension heavy duty runners and are full of thrash, death, black, grindcore, doom and some other bits and pieces.
Everything else is on the shelves, including the box sets, DVDs and singles/promos.
Records [metal and drum n bass] are on the left in the ancient looking cupboard thing and the pine boxen
The other set of Keter drawers to the right are not music related and I resent them for it :p






Weekend Acquisitions

8 Apr

Behemoth ‎– Satanica [Digipak with a heap of hidden songs on the end…]
Nailgunner ‎– Apocalypse. Now Or Never [decent Finnish thrash, weird Chinese label?!]
Pearl Jam ‎– Vitalogy [Book version, some cool songs on this one]
Tormented ‎– Rotten Death [2011 reissue, Digipak, awesome!]
Unida/Dozer ‎– The Best Of Wayne-Gro/Coming Down The Mountain [double EP, reissue, Unida are playing here soon]
Voïvod ‎– Infini [Relapse Digipak, they have better, even the artwork is pretty blah for them]

I’ve been a bit busy with stuff but I got some wicked shelves and some huge CD drawers and a pair of speakers too, photos will be taken soon

And a pile of Drum n Bass and some other stuff like Spearhead [not my cup of tea], Bad Astronaut [rubbish], Qemists [not bad, a bit like Pendulum I suppose, Mike Patton makes an appearance too] etc
But most of it is proper Drum n Bass


Discogs’ 80 character feedback reply limit needs increasing to 250

6 Apr

Anonymous poll

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