Weekend Acquisitions

8 Apr

Behemoth ‎– Satanica [Digipak with a heap of hidden songs on the end…]
Nailgunner ‎– Apocalypse. Now Or Never [decent Finnish thrash, weird Chinese label?!]
Pearl Jam ‎– Vitalogy [Book version, some cool songs on this one]
Tormented ‎– Rotten Death [2011 reissue, Digipak, awesome!]
Unida/Dozer ‎– The Best Of Wayne-Gro/Coming Down The Mountain [double EP, reissue, Unida are playing here soon]
Voïvod ‎– Infini [Relapse Digipak, they have better, even the artwork is pretty blah for them]

I’ve been a bit busy with stuff but I got some wicked shelves and some huge CD drawers and a pair of speakers too, photos will be taken soon

And a pile of Drum n Bass and some other stuff like Spearhead [not my cup of tea], Bad Astronaut [rubbish], Qemists [not bad, a bit like Pendulum I suppose, Mike Patton makes an appearance too] etc
But most of it is proper Drum n Bass



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