Scratched Concord Dawn CDs

14 Apr

I bought and paid for these 2 CDs on March 31st, they arrived on April 3rd [Easter weekend notwithstanding]
The cases were damaged: 1 front cover broken and both spindles broken, this likely happened in transit, no real major.
However, the discs themselves were in poor condition and are so scratched they won’t even play.
I contacted the seller immediately after inspection on April 3rd about the damage and the condition of the discs, they responded April 4th with this:

“That’s never happened to me before :( I have always kept my CD’s in mint condition as I am a collector myself. If the cases are badly smashed and CD’s are scratched that was definitely the postage but as you can see from my feedback I have never had any issues with that in the past nor could I ever send an item that is damaged to a buyer. I am quite shocked to read that they arrived in that state. I would be happy to refund the money as I am really baffled why that has happened. Since this is the first time that has happened to an item I have sent I have found out you can claim damage on that via the NZ post website seems like you just need to call the 0800 number and keep the package handy. Please let me know what option is best for you.”

The communication up to the point when I received them had been very good, it was a nice fast trade [the seller lives in the same city as me too]
I have not heard from them since April 4th, they haven’t returned any more emails nor have I received my refund, the hosting auction site has now communicated with them, it’s been 2 weeks since I bought the CDs…
I’m happy to get them resurfaced but that will cost $5 per disc and until I get my refund or hear back from the seller I can’t do a thing, very frustrating!

Anyway here’s some pictures:

appraisal edited enemy disc uprising disc


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