Weekend acquisitions

18 Apr

Order From Chaos ‎– An Ending In Fire [killer! I actually saw a dude in the shop with an Order From Chaos t-shirt on too, what are the chances of that, we had a bit of a yak too]
Grenade ‎– The Howling Damned [apparently the first pressing of this has an incorrect track listing… trying to figure out which one I have, I think mine’s the misprint, this is pretty good stuff too]
Stabbing Westward ‎– Wither Blister Burn & Peel [original US version, I skipped these guys years ago and have pretty much just discovered them now, I have their first album Ungod too]
Machine Head ‎– The More Things Change… [European version, pretty good second album]
Frodus ‎– Conglomerate International [not bad possibly Christian? hardcore/alternative metal stuff]
Frodus ‎– 22-D10 [half studio/half live]

Paradigm – Process [NZ d’n’b, I already have one, for sale]

DVD By Sexy – The Eagles Of Death Metal [god awful garbage that I only got because it was cheap, very much for sale]



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