Record Store Day 2013 At Real Groovy Auckland

20 Apr

Saw most of the Beastwars set, I may have been waylaid by the rain and taken shelter under a tree so missed a couple of songs, no major as I’ll be seeing them play with Unida here soon.
Real Groovy was packed and it was raining and hellishly humid inside, yuk! sweating hard.

I snagged a couple of CDs while I was there though

Various ‎– Wizards Of Gore – Tribute To Impetigo [pretty cool, it even has all the intros and stuff plus a foreword etc by Impetigo members]
Deranged ‎– Plainfield Cemetery [wicked! love these guys]


It’s after this that things get super wicked-cool, a mate and I went to Sky City casino for some free food and on a whim I dropped $2 into a machine, the thing spewed out $251! ha ha ha wicked score, I literally pressed 1 button :)
We had a beer each then left.



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