Recent Purchase

21 Apr

Some damaged and really crappily packed CDs I got the other day

Corrosion Of Conformity ‎– Blind [one of my favourite albums ever, this is the original US version]
Damaged ‎– Token Remedies Research [excellent AUS grinding death noise]
Grand Supreme Blood Court ‎– Bow Down Before The Blood Court [not bad, another Van Drunen project]
Melvins ‎– Dale Crover [part of a set of 3, I think the King Buzzo one is ‘the good one’ from memory]
Zyklon ‎– World Ov Worms [I really dig these guys, I must have them all by now]

Panacea ‎– Low Profile Darkness [dark, dark, dark twisted electro drum n bass weirdness from the German master: Panacea]
This was actually a free-bee and has the most impressive disc rot I’ve seen to date

all CDs

disc rot


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