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Recent purchase

18 May

L7 – Bricks Are Heavy [excellent, I finally own this, it’s the European version but came from Israel so has some interesting stickers on it]



Security course update

17 May

So today was the last day of the security course I was doing, those 4 weeks went really quickly.
We had a shared lunch which was wicked awesome, all kinds of interesting stuff, people even cooked!
One good thing about a multi-cultural group: interesting food ha ha :p

We are all meeting up next week for a recap/meet and greet with some security companies [basically interviews]
So yeah it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to everyone but life goes on and I suppose we could bump into each other ‘in the field’ one day, who knows.


Today’s scores

11 May

These arrived from Australia today and took 4 days to arrive! wicked, that must be a new record.
I love Discogs \m/

Core ‎– The Hustle Is On [finally I own this, I’ve wanted it for years]
Electric Wizard ‎– We Live [wicked, love this album, artwork included… even if there are no vaginas]
Eternal Elysium ‎– Spiritualized D [EUR Digipak, wicked Japanese stoner doom Cathedral/Sabbath/St Vitus worship]
Kylesa ‎– To Walk A Middle Course [not my favourite album of theirs, it’s ok, I have this LP too for some reason]


R.I.P Jeff Hanneman

3 May

Jeff Hanneman one of the guitarists from thrash metal band SLAYER passed away today, this is very sad news!
Below is a photo of my SLAYER CDs there are a few holes that need filling


Recent buys

1 May

Got these today from a bloke in Belgium

Urgrund – Disciples Of Supremacy [AUS black/death, this was cheap but these guys are pretty good too, I have 3 of their albums now]
Various – Corporate Death – A Relapse Multi Death Compilation [wicked compilation! I had this on tape way back when, brings back memories, has everything from Disembowelment to Mortician to Dead World]


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