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New Gorguts album!

22 Jun

So unless you live under a rock you’ll know the new Gorguts album ‘Colored Sands’ is due out August 30 in Europe and September 3 in North America!
I just pre-ordered it now, can’t wait \m/

Pre-order the CD, LP or bundle + t-shirt here

gorguts new album


Today’s scores

18 Jun

Been a while since I last got anything, feels good to post this :)

Anatomy – Where Angels Die [pixelated tray image version, I have 2 now oops!]
Angelcorpse ‎– Exterminate [EUR promo, finally! love this album]
Demolition Hammer ‎– Time Bomb [US version from 1994, not the reissue]
Impaled Nazarene ‎– Latex Cult [EUR promo in cardboard sleeve]
Krabathor ‎– Mortal Memories [GER with hidden bonus video, this slays]
Macabre ‎– Behind The Wall Of Sleep [GER EP, I’ve wanted this for ages, it’s good to finally have it]
Mortician ‎– Hacked Up For Barbecue [original US version, one of my favourite bands, super heavy DM done right]

Faith No More – I’m Easy / Be Aggressive [Cassette, single]


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