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Yesterday’s scores

31 Jul

Got some cool stuff yesterday, I’m still cataloguing it but here’s a photo until then
Some from Austria, some from the shop and one from a mate

from austria


Epic score

24 Jul

My epic haul of awesome stuff from last week, some of them had to be added to Discogs
Not a bad pile of CDs aye!

Brutality ‎– In Mourning [US, original]
Brutality ‎– Screams Of Anguish [US, original!]
Deicide ‎– Legion [EUR, repress, I have 2 identical now…]
Grave ‎– You’ll Never See… [US, DIDX matrix]
Lock Up ‎– Hate Breeds Suffering [US, original]
Lock Up ‎– Pleasures Pave Sewers [GER, original]
Malevolent Creation ‎– Retribution [EUR, original]
Malevolent Creation ‎– Stillborn [US & CAN, original]
Malevolent Creation ‎– The Ten Commandments [US, repress]
Monstrosity ‎– In Dark Purity [US, original]
Monstrosity ‎– Millennium [US, original I have 2 identical now…]
Morta Skuld ‎– As Humanity Fades [UK, original]
Morta Skuld ‎– Dying Remains / As Humanity Fades [UK, both albums issued together, really old too I’m sure it’s not a reissue maybe you guys know?]
Morta Skuld ‎– For All Eternity [UK, original]
Sepultura ‎– Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation [Dureco matrix, I have the Sonopress one too…]
Sinister ‎– Hate [US/CAN, DISC MFG., INC. matrix]


Recent purchases

22 Jul

Just got these last week, I got another much bigger pile a couple of days later, I’ll add them when I’ve catalogued them all.
They came from two different places

Cathedral ‎– The Serpent’s Gold [US, double CD/compilation of demos + live stuff] some interesting alternate versions on this
Dissection ‎– The Somberlain (Ultimate Reissue) [US, double CD/compilation of demos + live stuff, rehearsals and eps etc in a cardboard sleeve] not bad, I just can’t get into these guys for some reason
Morta Skuld ‎– Surface [US, 1998 reissue on Pavement] cool mid paced 90’s DM no surprises here


This week’s scores

15 Jul

Got myself some hellish noise to celebrate getting a job! yeee haa!
It’s taken me a week to add and update this lot on Discogs ha ha

Agoraphobic Nosebleed ‎– Altered States Of America / ANbRX Pharmaceuticals II [double CD with remixes, half clear discs too, I have the ltd ed mini CD of this too]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed ‎– PCP Torpedo / ANbRX [double CD with remixes in a Digipak, I’m not sure if the songs are different to ANbRX Pharmaceuticals II]
Anarazel – Undivine [vicious and catchy AUS BM with former members of NZ band Coven] *new to Discogs
Asphyx ‎– Live Death Doom [double live CD]
Autopsy ‎– All Tomorrow’s Funerals [UK Digibook]
Centinex ‎– Diabolical Desolation [not bad, took a gamble, needs a few more listens]
Cross Examination ‎– The Hung Jury [crossover/thrash with bonus songs and covers]
Desecration ‎– Murder In Mind [super heavy DM from Wales, nice I have Pathway To Deviance too]
Hellhammer ‎– Demon Entrails [EUR version, double CD in sleeve]
Ignivomous ‎– Blood And Mercury [mixed bag of demos and eps + a cover of ‘Mr Offals’ which I thought was by Blood Duster but it isn’t]
Metallica ‎– Creeping Death / Jump In The Fire [GER double EP]
Metallica – Past Magnetic [EUR promo]
Mord ‎– Christendom Perished [fairly good Polish BM, interesting they are on Southern Lord…]
Nebula ‎– Dos EPs [re-released double EP, cool stuff]
Sons Of Kyuss ‎– Sons Of Kyuss [made in Taiwan?! sounds like shit too by the way, clicks and pops from the original record I reckon, but it’s kind of rare]
Tad ‎– Inhaler [EUR version, finally!]
The Atomic Bitchwax ‎– The Atomic Bitchwax II [these guys played here recently, I should have gone]
Vortex ‎– Hammer Of The North [reissue? with bonus songs, pretty sweet Dutch thrash/power metal stuff] *new to Discogs


Today’s scores

8 Jul

Cianide ‎– The Dying Truth [original version, wicked!]

Memento – DVD


Security job update

8 Jul

I am now officially a security officer, wicked!
12 hour shifts are pretty serious…


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