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August 29 swap deal

30 Aug

This Metal Archives swap arrived yesterday

Dark Angel – Live Scars [US, original, Combat, the first metal tape I ever bought, I was about 10]
Dissection – Storm Of The Light’s Bane [US, original]
Exodus – Exhibit B: The Human Condition [US, standard version, I saw them play here touring for this album]
Krisiun – Apocalyptic Revelation [US, reissue with bonus tracks, Slayer and Morbid Angel covers]
Mangled – Ancient Times [US, not bad, Most Painful Ways is far better]
Mortician – Domain Of Death [Ltd Ed, US, wicked stuff] new to Discogs
Obituary – Cause Of Death [South Korean version on JIGU] new to Discogs
Overkill – I Hear Black [US, original, I’ve wanted this for ages, it’s quite slow…]
Prong – Beg To Differ [US, original, I have almost every Prong album now] new to Discogs
Sadus – Out For Blood [US, bonus videos, not as good as I’d hoped, the last track is good though]
Sodom – Agent Orange [EUR repress] new to Discogs
Unleashed – Sworn Allegiance [US, good stuff, 14 tracks and only one of them over 4 mins, just]
Vader – Revelations [US with bonus songs, excellent album]


August 26 scores

27 Aug

Got these yesterday from a Metal Archives seller

Augury – Concealed [CAN, original on Galy Records, cool and interesting but not sure what I think of the female operatic vocals]
Burial Invocation – Rituals Of The Grotesque [glad to have this one back]
Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthirst [GER, Censored Version one I was missing, solid album, sounds like CC]
Capharnaum – Fractured [US, Willowtip, pretty cool tech death]
Council Of The Fallen – Revealing Damnation [Nice, I forgot how cool this album was]
Isis – Oceanic [US, a blind buy, not bad but it’s no celestial…]


August 22 arrivals

23 Aug

Got these yesterday from two different people both in Christchurch :)

Bassaium ‎– Bassaium [3 song EP, JAP, insane Japanese death metal similar to Defiled] new to Discogs
Hirax ‎– El Diablo Negro [EP, US, 2001, only 3 tracks on this, came with a small promo leaflet for the ‘Barrage Of Noise’ EP]
Revenge ‎– Attack.Blood.Revenge [I have 2 different versions of this now] new to Discogs
Revenge ‎– Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist [this one is very scratched but the price was right]


Oh and not wanting to make you all jealous or anything but… :p


NWN! order arrival

19 Aug

My Nuclear War Now! order arrived today

Ares Kingdom – Veneration [evidently this is an album of covers, not really my cup of tea]
Dark Angel – We Have Arrived Over Belgium [damn bootleg oops, I didn’t read the description… added to Discogs]
Deceased – As The Weird Travel On [2005 Puerto Rico, cool album cover and lettering on this one]
Divine Eve/Vex – Split CD [I have Vengeful And Obstinate already, this has those tracks and 3 from Vex too]
Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia [SING, hopefully this is as good as Intensity which I also have]
Faustcoven – Hellfire And Funeral Bells [US, finally! I can stop playing it on the NWN! bandcamp page ha ha]
Hirax – Noise Chaos War [2005 Puerto Rico, 3 albums/eps rolled into one, yes please]
Iron Monkey – Iron Monkey/Our Problem [2xCD Box, both albums on separate discs and has an ep too]
Obituary – Left To Die [US, ltd ed, Slowly We Rot re-recorded and a Celtic Frost cover nice]
Zoroaster – Zoroaster [US, cool! and quite different to Matador]


New stuff

16 Aug

Got these in the mail today, all the way from sunny Strasbourg, France

Nuclear Assault – Live At The Hammersmith Odeon [EUR, not a reissue]
Ritual Carnage – I, Infidel [FRA, Digipak with Obi, wicked Jap thrash!]
Ritual Carnage – The Birth Of Tragedy [FRA, Digipak]


Gorguts Colored Sands pre-order arrived!

13 Aug

Super stoked to finally have this, it shipped from France too not USA


1 x Gorguts Colored Sands Digipak CD
1 x T-shirt
1 x Sticker
1 x Rolling papers [promo for new Phil Anselmo album]
1 x foil sticker on the cling film wrapper

gorguts colored sands


74 DVD score

6 Aug

I called a video shop near me to see if their resurfacing machine was operable, last time it was out for repair when I called and this time it was inoperable too due to some chip or piece being in need of replacement? anyway the bloke on the phone said I should come in anyway because they were closing down and flicking off all their DVDs and Blu-ray discs…
I went a bit nuts but got some good stuff! some of them I already have but the place had been pillaged already so I just grabbed stuff I knew was good, I have about 8 double ups/different versions which I’ll sell off soon.
I have a mountain of DVD cases here now too, I got all the photocopied ‘shelf’ covers and the original coloured ones but they each had cases so now I have about 70 spares ha ha

Same photo but two different angles, still a bit blurry though :/
I suppose I could list them all



Recent purchases and a swap

1 Aug

I got this over the past week, again it took a while to catalogue them all and make any updates at Discogs

Austrian trade/swap:
Azarath ‎– Demon Seed
Azarath ‎– Diabolic Impious Evil [whoa, this is insane, excellent stuff]
Ufomammut ‎– Oro: Opus Alter [I’m very happy to finally have some oofoomammoo]
Ufomammut ‎– Oro: Opus Primum [this is, emotional, one day I’ll play this album as loud as my stereo will go]

Local buy:
Sepultura ‎– Slave New World [some odd double disc release but this is the wrong disc for the packaging, this disc is from a Digipak apparently]

From ze shop:
Diabolic ‎– Supreme Evil [Digipak on The Plague, 1st ‘official’ release?! damn heavy stuff too]
Godgory ‎– Resurrection [erg, I don’t like this at all, an accidental purchase…]
Helmet ‎– Size Matters [US, hole punched barcode, it was cheap now I have 2 copies]
High On Fire ‎– Live From The Relapse Contamination Festival [ltd ed, nice, I’ve wanted this for a while]
Hypocrisy ‎– Pleasure Of Molestation [cardboard sleeve 4 track EP with misprint! wicked]
Internal Void ‎– Unearthed [quite good stoner rock/metal, pretty much what I expect from Southern Lord or Small Stone etc]
Isis ‎– Celestial [Digipak, EA07.7 catalogue number version on Escape Artist Records, this album kills it, I’ve wanted it for a while too]
Marduk ‎– Dark Endless [original version on No Fashion Records, Dureco matrix, no barcode, score!]
Rawhead Rexx ‎– Diary In Black [ltd ed lenticular cover, pretty sweet speed/power metal, dude has a really powerful voice and can siiiiiiing, Dickinson/Halford-esque]


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