74 DVD score

6 Aug

I called a video shop near me to see if their resurfacing machine was operable, last time it was out for repair when I called and this time it was inoperable too due to some chip or piece being in need of replacement? anyway the bloke on the phone said I should come in anyway because they were closing down and flicking off all their DVDs and Blu-ray discs…
I went a bit nuts but got some good stuff! some of them I already have but the place had been pillaged already so I just grabbed stuff I knew was good, I have about 8 double ups/different versions which I’ll sell off soon.
I have a mountain of DVD cases here now too, I got all the photocopied ‘shelf’ covers and the original coloured ones but they each had cases so now I have about 70 spares ha ha

Same photo but two different angles, still a bit blurry though :/
I suppose I could list them all




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