NWN! order arrival

19 Aug

My Nuclear War Now! order arrived today

Ares Kingdom – Veneration [evidently this is an album of covers, not really my cup of tea]
Dark Angel – We Have Arrived Over Belgium [damn bootleg oops, I didn’t read the description… added to Discogs]
Deceased – As The Weird Travel On [2005 Puerto Rico, cool album cover and lettering on this one]
Divine Eve/Vex – Split CD [I have Vengeful And Obstinate already, this has those tracks and 3 from Vex too]
Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia [SING, hopefully this is as good as Intensity which I also have]
Faustcoven – Hellfire And Funeral Bells [US, finally! I can stop playing it on the NWN! bandcamp page ha ha]
Hirax – Noise Chaos War [2005 Puerto Rico, 3 albums/eps rolled into one, yes please]
Iron Monkey – Iron Monkey/Our Problem [2xCD Box, both albums on separate discs and has an ep too]
Obituary – Left To Die [US, ltd ed, Slowly We Rot re-recorded and a Celtic Frost cover nice]
Zoroaster – Zoroaster [US, cool! and quite different to Matador]



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