Local goodies

5 Dec

From Discogs
Deströyer 666 ‎– Cold Steel…For An Iron Age [US version] new to Discogs and not in the photo because I forgot

From a mate here in Auckland [everything bar the D666 above]
Gorefest ‎– The Ultimate Collection Part 1 – Mindloss & Demos [2 CDs together, Gorefest rule]
Gospel Of The Horns ‎– A Call To Arms [IRE, killer AUS thrash, I bypassed them till now for some reason]
Lantern ‎– Subterranean Effulgence [this is really good and I have a feeling it’ll grow on me the more I play it]
Ouroboros ‎– Spear Of Destiny [STI CD including 2 covers, pretty intense CAN black death]

Aphelon ‎– Scorn Shall Prevail [NZ BM, I don’t actually have this I just borrowed it to add to Discogs] new to Discogs
Relentless Attrition ‎– Lethal Compulsions [CDr, quite solid NZ DM but the recording is very bad]

Diocletian ‎– Doom Cult [ltd ed tape, I have 3 formats now]
Vassafor ‎– Demo II [tape]
Vassafor ‎– Promo MMX [CAN, tape]
Witchrist ‎– Curses Of Annihilation [ltd ed tape with patch]

Diocletian ‎– Doom Cult [LP, comes with a massive 12 panel poster]
Vassafor ‎– Vassafor [LP, same as the CD I got last week, killer!]

Vassafor patch
Witchrist patch

Now all I need is a trustworthy tape deck to play the tapes…



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