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Jan 23rd arrivals

23 Jan

Got these today from a Discogs seller in France, took 1 week to arrive, nice.

Fleshcrawl ‎– As Blood Rains From The Sky…We Walk The Path Of Endless Fire [GER, with 2 cover songs and 1 apparently isn’t on all versions, solid DM from the masters]
Krabathor ‎– Unfortunately Dead [more Speckmann excellence, every time I hear Krabathor I think why didn’t I look them up sooner! ripping stuff]
Sadistik Exekution ‎– Fukk [promo] new to Discogs
Yattering ‎– Human’s Pain [remastered promo [wtf?!] with bonus songs] new to Discogs

Immolation ‎– Bringing Down The World Tour [DVD, super jewel box, I’ve wanted this for an age!]



Jan 16th purchases

16 Jan

Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Converge ‎– The Poacher Diaries [US, 2007 remastered reissue]
Exhumed ‎– Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated [FRA, not my cup of tea, all cover songs… straight to the trade list]
Hidden Agenda ‎– Whatever Happened To… [SWI, pretty good electronica/dnb a bit like Photek or some Leftfield]
Led Zeppelin ‎– Untitled aka IV/4 [AUS, my least favourite Led Zep album, probably due to radio playing the songs so much]
The Police ‎– Greatest Hits [AUS repress] new to Discogs
Zero 7 ‎– Simple Things [AUS / NZ, with bonus remix CD, good background music]


CDs for the new year

9 Jan

Got these locally from two different places, Macabre was a swap the other two I bought

Macabre ‎– Dahmer [original Olympic version, nice!]
Malevolent Creation ‎– Doomsday X [US, finally, I’ve wanted this for ages]
Malevolent Creation ‎– The Fine Art Of Murder / Joe Black [Digipak, Collectors edition, JB is mostly awful, the 3 remixes = wtf]


New years day CD

2 Jan

Cathedral ‎– In Memoriam [2002 reissue with a few live tracks, super heavy doom from the masters]

And because I updated the Discogs page here’s a few scans instead of a photo

cathedral memorium front cathedral memorium rear cathedral memorium inside cathedral memorium inner b cathedral memorium inner a cathedral memorium cd

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