Local stuff

27 Feb

Got all of these yesterday from a mate in Auckland apart from the Pungent Stench, that’s from another friend down the line

Axis Of Advance ‎– The List [EUR, promo]
Goatpenis – Depleted Ammunition [has a chip on the data layer dammit]
Pungent Stench ‎– Been Caught Buttering [GER 2001 reissue with 2 extra songs: Daddy Cruel and my personal favourite The Ballad Of Mangled Homeboys, this copy is autographed too, so there :P]
Vital Remains ‎– Dawn Of The Apocalypse [EUR, original]
Vital Remains ‎– Forever Underground [EUR, original]

Witchrist ‎– Curses Of Annihilation [black LP]
Witchrist ‎– The Grand Tormentor [original black LP x2]
Witchrist ‎– Beheaded Ouroboros [black LP x2]



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