Band, album, label etc names based on others

29 Mar

I’m only guessing but most of them seem fairly obvious, anyone got more?
Guest comments are enabled if you want to add yours, I’ll add more as I think of them/trip over them

Metal Archives thread

Reddit post

20 Buck Spin [Pentagram song]
A Burial at Sea [Saint Vitus song]
Anal Vomit [Sarcófago song]
Apokalyptic Raids [Hellhammer album]
Baroness – Bullhead’s Lament [Melvins album]
Bestial Devastation [Sepultura album]
Between The Buried and Me [Ghost Train by Counting Crows]
Bonded By Blood [Exodus song/album]
Boris [Melvins song]
Cannabis Corpse [Cannibal Corpse…]
Carnal Forge [Carcass song]
Crown The Lost [Suidakra song]
Crypt of Raix [Celtic Frost song]
Darkthrone [Jewel Throne Celtic Frost]
Deathlike Silence Productions [Sodom song]
Defaced Creation [part Pungent Stench song – Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation]
Denial Fiend [Hellhammer song]
Dopethrone [Electric Wizard album]
Dream Evil [Dio album]
Electric Wizard [Black Sabbath song mash-up]
Enslaved [Enslaved in Rot Immortal]
Epica [Kamelot album]
Euronymous [Hellhammer song]
Heaven And Hell [Black Sabbath album]
Heaven in Her Arms [Converge song]
Hellhammer [Hellhammer band]
Hot Graves [Midnight song]
Human [Death album]
Internal Bleeding [Obituary song]
Machine Head [claim it’s not from the Deep Purple album]
Massacra [Hellhammer song]
Mayhem [Mayhem With Mercy Venom]
Maze Of Torment [Morbid Angel song]
Merciless Death [Dark Angel song]
Motorhead [Hawkwind song]
Nothingface [Voïvod album]
Obscura [Gorguts album]
Overkill [Mötorhead song]
Premature Autopsy [Entombed song]
Prick [Melvins song]
Ripping Corpse [Kreator song]
Sadistic Intent [Sinister song]
Saint Vitus [Black Sabbath song]
Skyforger [Amorphis album and Latvian band name]
Souls at Zero [Neurosis album]
Spawn Of Possession [Suffocation/Immolation mash-up]
The Gates Of Slumber [Cianide song]
Therion [part Celtic Frost album To Mega Therion]
Volcanic Slut [Volcanic Slut Sodom]
War Master [Bolt Thrower song/album]
Watain [Watain Von]
Whiplash [Metallica song]
Wrathchild America [Iron Maiden song]


4 Responses to “Band, album, label etc names based on others”

  1. Anonymous 15/04/2014 at 3:15 am #

    Don’t forget 20 Buck Spin.


    • dreadmeat 15/04/2014 at 3:30 am #

      oh wicked, that’s a label [which I knew about] and a Pentagram song, nice one


  2. martyrdoom 08/04/2014 at 6:07 pm #

    Crown the Lost (Band name derived from a Suidakra song title)

    Heaven & Hell (the band taking the name from Black Sabbath’s 9th album…hope this counts because it’s basically the same members anyway)


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