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NEW distro stock for sale

29 May

These are FOR SALE at: Trade Me, Ebay, Discogs and privately via NWN! forums, Metal Archives, Facebook etc just email or pm me or post a comment at the bottom of this page

All items are NEW, some are sealed.
Diocletian – War Of All Against All cassette tapes + posters
Filtheater – Noctivagant
Havohej – Dethrone The Son Of God [US, jewel case]
Kamikaze Pilots / Draug – Slaughtercaust
Witchrist – The Grand Tormentor [with foil sticker] only 4 left


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Laceration Mantra update

29 May

Further to these CDs


I now have some promos too, so if you buy one I’ll give you a copy, 2 new songs on them


3 quality units

27 May

These came in a few days ago but I was busy, I got them from a seller on Metal Archives who found them on my want list and hit me up.

Brutality ‎- Ruins Of Humans [US, finally! good stuff too, 2 fairly long songs, sounds exactly like I hoped it would]
Mortician ‎- Mortal Massacre [US, this is the ‘compilation’ with the live songs too but not the reissued one, I have this on tape too]
Pungent Stench ‎- Been Caught Buttering [GER, original! with yellow text on the rear cover and an Intepress matrix, I have this on tape too and also a signed reissue] new to Discogs

Only black and white is real


swap arrival

15 May

Swapped with a trader at MA from Canada

Desecration ‎– Inhuman [UK, 2004 reissue with 2 videos, sick heavy stuff]
Destruction ‎– D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. [US, solid stuff from the masters, not *awesome* but good]
Fetish 69 ‎– Antibody [US, original US version, very Optimum Wound Profile sounding]
Ion Dissonance ‎– Minus The Herd [US, I really dig these guys, I have all their albums now]
Machine Head ‎– Hellalive [CAN, live album, not bad]
Messiah ‎– Underground [US I think, interesting, needs a few more listens, it’s a little odd but good] new to Discogs
Naer Mataron ‎– Praetorians [FRA, quite good but a little too long, I have Discipline Manifesto too]


new stuff

15 May

Bought these from a seller at MA in Denmark

Celtic Frost ‎– To Mega Therion [misspress, this goes straight to my trade list]
Hetsheads ‎– We Hail The Possessed… [SPA, such a good album, very happy to finally have another copy]
Impaled Nazarene ‎– Rapture [FRA, Digipak, excellent stuff]
Kataklysm ‎– Northern Hyperblast Live [FRA, HYP 1069 is the version I have, this is nice old savage Kataklysm]
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick [EUR, repress, still looking for an original, it’s not expensive or hard to find but damned if I can actually GET one, this goes straight to my trade list]
Zyklon-B ‎– Blood Must Be Shed [GER, original Malicious Records! killer stuff and I’ve wanted it for an age]


local madness

14 May

Got these today from vk666 [Phil from Vassafor/Diocletian etc]

Archgoat – Whore Of Bethlehem [FIN, ltd ed Digipak CD/DVD, ripping album this one I have the standard jewel case version too]
Blasphemy – Fallen Angel Of Doom [NED, crikey, this is an original…] new to discogs
Irkallian Oracle – Grave Ekstasis [US, slipcase version, man this is good]
Mortuary Drape – Into The Catachthonium [damn bootleg, I didn’t know]
Sabbat – The Dwelling [JAP, light blue cover, not for me but this is quite good]
Sarcófago – Hate [BRA, remastered reissue, I like this one]

Cruciform – Paradox [AUS, old school AUS DM on Warhead Records]
Dark Angel – Time Does Not Heal [US, original, Under One Flag] new to discogs
Dawn Of Azazel – Of Bloodshed And Eternal Victory [NZ, single sided ltd ed]

Vassafor – Abysmal Heralds Of Desolation


swap deal from Italy and some Laceration Mantra

7 May

Got these as part of a swap deal

Abigail – Alive… In Italy [POL, crikey this is rough ha ha]
Abigail / Barbatos / Cutthroat ‎– Satan’s Revenge Live!!! [CHI, 3 separate recordings from all over the place, including covers]
Barbatos ‎– War! Speed And Power [GRE, some fairly insane stuff here, guest vocal from Damian of Ritual Carnage]
Cutthroat – Rape! Rape! Rape! [GRE, an album of cover songs]
Deathspell Omega ‎– Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice. [FRA, original, pretty cool stuff and some ‘interesting’ artwork, needs another listen I think]


I got these directly from the band, Rob the guitarist/vocalist, because the label Obsidian records sank into the ocean…

Laceration Mantra ‎– Untitled [CDr, single with 2 new songs on it] new to Discogs
Laceration Mantra ‎– Prolonging The Pain [AUS, I got 5 of these to add to my trade list, killer Australian death metal with members of legendary band Misery and Transfear]


CDs, patch and t-shirts

7 May

Bought these from morfumax via MA

Anhedonist ‎– Netherwards [USA, this needs a few more listens I think]
Axis Of Advance ‎– Obey [US, Red Stream version, I quite dig this band]
Bestial Mockery ‎– Slaying The Life [FRA, original SUA version with a pile of annoying empty tracks at the end and a hidden song, excellent album cover]
Disrupt ‎– Unrest [US, remastered reissue, wicked vocal attacks]

Heresiarch – Hammer Of Intransigence [I’m looking for a t-shirt with this print on it]

Witchrist – The Grand Tormentor
Ulcerate – Everything Is Fire


Decent sized swap deal

6 May

Got these as part of a swap deal

Dismal Euphony – Autumn Leaves – The Rebellion Of Tides [USA] *absolutely not for me!
Kreator – Enemy Of God [GER, original]
Malevolent Creation – The Fine Art Of Murder [US/EUR version, this albums rips] new to Discogs
Marduk – Infernal Eternal [SWE, original double live CD]
Marduk – World Funeral [USA, The End Records version, slowly building my Marduk collection since their gig here last year, wicked guitar sound on this] new to Discogs
Napalm Death – Words From The Exit Wound [US? comes with 3 hidden live songs on the end that aren’t listed, odd catalogue number too] new to Discogs
Prong – The Peel Sessions [USA, only 4 songs but I didn’t have it already]
Seth – The Excellence [Digipak] *not for me although I kind of liked it
Slayer – God Hates Us All [USA, original one with the censored insert, killer album too]
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Ire Works [USA, I like this, different vocalist? eh, they must have changed between albums]


Something special

5 May

Cianide – Ashes To Dust [2 discs of demos, unreleased stuff etc] from a Discogs seller in Italy


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