swap deal from Italy and some Laceration Mantra

7 May

Got these as part of a swap deal

Abigail – Alive… In Italy [POL, crikey this is rough ha ha]
Abigail / Barbatos / Cutthroat ‎– Satan’s Revenge Live!!! [CHI, 3 separate recordings from all over the place, including covers]
Barbatos ‎– War! Speed And Power [GRE, some fairly insane stuff here, guest vocal from Damian of Ritual Carnage]
Cutthroat – Rape! Rape! Rape! [GRE, an album of cover songs]
Deathspell Omega ‎– Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice. [FRA, original, pretty cool stuff and some ‘interesting’ artwork, needs another listen I think]


I got these directly from the band, Rob the guitarist/vocalist, because the label Obsidian records sank into the ocean…

Laceration Mantra ‎– Untitled [CDr, single with 2 new songs on it] new to Discogs
Laceration Mantra ‎– Prolonging The Pain [AUS, I got 5 of these to add to my trade list, killer Australian death metal with members of legendary band Misery and Transfear]



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