decent sized swap

17 Jun

Another fairly large swap deal at MA, arrived last week or so

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath Vol. 4 [US, old reissue]
Brutal Truth – Evolution Through Revolution [US, I’ve wanted this CD for ages, I have the red LP]
C.I.A. – Attitude [2004 remastered reissue, who knows why?! also this version has a completely different track listing to the original wtf] new to Discogs
Dysrhythmia – Barriers And Passages [US, Digipak, not bad, has most of the current Gorguts lineup…]
Exit-13 – High Life! [US, 2 CDs remastered, CD 1 is just Ethos Musick and is cool but I already have an original, CD2 is loads of odds and sods I’ve not heard before, great stuff]
Grave – Into The Grave [US or UER, original, wanted this for a while, I have the original LP too]
Hell Rules: A Tribute To Black Sabbath [US, not bad, another Dwell Records tribute compilation…]
Maze Of Torment – Death Strikes [US, ripping death/thrash, these guys are excellent, I have 3 of their 6 albums now]
Triptykon – Eparistera Daimones [US, jewel case version, this is wicked! and *properly* heavy]
Unsane – Blood Run [US, slipcase censored version, good stuff, these guys have way more albums than I thought



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