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ex discogs

29 Jul

From a Greek Discogs seller, no bootlegs in here, I will admit I was sweating a bit before checking them!

Almighty Sathanas / Blasphemophagher / Tyrants Blood – Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas [GRE, 3 way split, should be good]
Azarath – Praise The Beast [US version on Deathgasm, one of the best Polish DM bands, I almost have every release now]
Disforterror – Impalement And Holocaust Stench [US, I’ve wanted this one for a while]
Prosanctus Inferi – Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitations [chipping away at my PI collection, great stuff]
Terror Throne – Death Is The Cleanser [US, Chicago DM, I haven’t heard this band yet but I have high hopes]
Terror Throne – World On It’s Knees [US]
Throneum – Pestilent Death [AUS, ripping Polish black death]



My collection

29 Jul

My collection, current as of July 29th 2014, these are the CDs only






Some older photos


Discogs and Osmose

29 Jul

from Discogs

Deep Purple – Scandinavian Nights [UK, double live album, I’ve had this on cassette for 25 years! this CD version has a different mix to the tape. fantastic album and gives Made in Japan a very good run for its money, I prefer this one, look up the track listing]

From Osmose…

Axis Of Advance – Purify [FRA, more violence from the usual suspects, I have almost every album/ep now]
Azarath – Holy Possession [POL, ltd ed EP in a slipcase with a cool black jewel case]
Godüs – Phantomgrave: I Am The Catacombs [FRA, haven’t heard this yet, it was a freebee]
Ravager – Naxzgul Rising [FRA, insane ripping blackened dm done right, I have Storm Of Sin too]

7″ vinyl
Darkcide / Infestdead – Son Of The Darkside [wicked, I like these guys]

Portal – Cthulhu Rape
Portal – Nyarlathotep
Portal – Tempus Fugit

Badges or ‘pins’ as some people call them
Celtic Frost
Impaled Nazarene [round]



mega haul

28 Jul

I got a heap of stuff from the shop 2 weeks ago

Abramelin – Transgressing The Afterlife – The Complete Recordings 1988-2002 [GER, oh hell yes! 3 discs in a fatboy case, given all their stuff is ridiculously expensive this is great value]
Abruptum – Evil Genius [US, compilation, pretty good stuff, I haven’t heard these guys before NB quite poor reviews at MA are noted]
Black Crucifixion – Promethean Gift [US, remastered reissue with bonus songs and a slipcase with different artwork]
Burial – Mourning The Millennium [US, not sure if it’s the reissue or not, if you like Morta Skuld, old Cannibal Corpse or Internal bleeding you’d like this]
Cathedral – The Last Spire [UK, slipcase version, this is really good and the wait to get it was worth it]
Hypocrisy – Inferior Devoties [US, mega score!]
Marduk – Serpent Sermon [US, pretty catchy, I like the artwork too]
Obliteration – Black Death Horizon [US/CAN, this is wicked, love that bippity boppity bass, reminds me of Aura Noir a bit too]
Odiusembowel – Vomit Sucking Cunt Lips [AUS, NZ band, I wasn’t expecting much but it’s actually pretty good]
Orange Goblin – A Eulogy For The Fans… Orange Goblin Live 2012 [US, CD+DVD, not bad, needs more listens] new to Discogs
Pig Destroyer – Phantom Limb [US, I very much like this album, more than most PD, I have the promo of this too]
Razorwyre – Coming Out [NZ, sweet speed/thrash metal from Wellington, NZ pity about the packaging though]
Secratain / Dark Dominion – Bound In Blasphemy [AUS, black metal split, needs another listen ]
Sepultura – Chaos A.D. [EUR, original to replace my reissue, solid album]
Sepultura – Under Siege (Regnum Irae) [EUR, score]
The House Of Capricorn – In The Devil’s Days [NZ, kiwi metal with members of Ulcerate]
Warbringer – Waking Into Nightmares [EUR, decent new school thrash]

And a heap of promos, singles and EPs

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [EUR, weird freaky electro stuff] new to Discogs
Bomb The Bass Featuring Justin Warfield – Bug Powder Dust [AUS, wicked tune, cool video clip too]
Coldplay – Acoustic [NZ, some acoustic Coldplay] new to Discogs
Darcy Clay – Jesus I Was Evil [AUS, EP, really good title track] new to Discogs
Faith No More – Last Cup Of Sorrow [EUR, another FNM single for the pile]
Faith No More – Free Concert In The Park [bonus CD from another release of Angel Dust, not sure what happened but this was free]
Fantômas – An Experiment In Terror [AUS, 2 song promo]
Guns N’ Roses – November Rain [EUR, 3 classic songs from gnr]
Head Like A Hole – A Crying Shame [NZ, complete with Maiden and Springsteen covers]
Head Like A Hole – Hootenanny [NZ, case only not sure wtf happened here, wicked song though]
Helmet – Biscuits For Smut [EUR, woops I already have a copy of this]
Helmet – Exactly What You Wanted [AUS, 3 songs]
Judas Priest – British Steel [EUR, really old CBS version, Painkiller is usually the only album I play of JP, this is no Painkiller but is pretty good]
Kid606 – Why I Love Life [US, mini CD, electronica]
Meat Beat Manifesto – Acid Again [US, 5 versions of a cool electro track ‘never acid again’]
Meat Beat Manifesto – Dog Star Man [more decent electronica]
Meat Loaf – Bat Out Of Hell [AUS, single] new to Discogs
Ministry – The Fall [EUR, EP with a version of TV III yes 3, Filth pig is a favourite album of mine] new to Discogs
Monster Magnet – Heads Explode [EUR, not bad, I never really got into these guys]
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name [EUR, 3 track maxi single, old RATM ftw] new to Discogs
Rob/Goldie/Dom – The Shadow / Distorted Dreams [AUS/NZ, a few remixes by some well known dnb dudes]
Roni Size Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag [UK, 5 versions of the super catchy and memorable Brown Paper Bag tune]
Shihad – La La Land [NZ, more Kiwi anthems ha ha] new to Discogs
Shihad – You Again [AUS/NZ, another accidental double up, good song though] new to Discogs
Sonic Youth – Whore’s Moaning: Oz ’93 Tour Edition [AUS/NZ, 5 songs]
Soundgarden – Bleed Together [US, single]
Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World [AUS, 4 tracks] new to Discogs
Soundgarden – Burden In My Hand [AUS, cardboard sleeve version with the very excellent track Birth Ritual]
Soundgarden – Burden In My Hand [UK, single, slimline case, no sure why I got this too]
Spacehog – In The Meantime [EUR, nostalgia time, really good song]
Type O Negative – Everything Dies [EUR, pretty cool, I should try out some more (-)]
Weird Al Yankovic – Smells Like Nirvana [AUS, parody of Nirvana] new to Discogs
Weta – Calling On [AUS, single NZ band, cool song look it up] new to Discogs



Diocletian – Gesundrian CDs

21 Jul

I now have a few of these CDs on hand, if anyone wants one let me know.

Diocletian – Gesundrian [US, jewel case version]


July17 pt2

17 Jul

Got these from a mate yesterday, most are for another mate ha ha

Black Sabbath – Reunion [AUS, double live album in a digipak]
Diocletian – Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes
Diocletian – Doom Cult [slightly different version] new to Discogs
Heresiarch – Hammer Of Intransigence [US]
Soilent Green – Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction [US, excellent stuff]
Vassafor – Vassafor [AUS]


July 17

17 Jul

Got a few wicked units from a seller on Metal Archives

Atrocity – Hallucinations [GER, original, very good indeed]
Disharmonic Orchestra – Expositionsprophylaxe [GER, original, I have the reissue too]
Dismember – Pieces [GER, EP, original, short and violent this is really good]
Divine Eve – As The Angels Weep [GER, I have 2 copies of this now and the Vex split/Vengeful And Obstinate]
Hypocrisy – The Fourth Dimension [GER, ltd ed digipak, the beginning of the end…]
Kataklysm – Temple Of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) [GER or US, old Kataklysm rules]
Kataklysm – The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation [GER, EP, BOD matrix] new to Discogs
Marduk – Fuck Me Jesus [FRA, original in a slimline jewel case, I have a reissue too] new to Discogs
Pungent Stench – “Club Mondo Bizarre” For Members Only [GER, original uncensored version, I have the censored one too, and the tape, and the t-shirt]

I got a box of jewel cases and some trays too

Discogs july 15

15 Jul

From a Discogs seller

Autopsy – Macabre Eternal [UK, slipcase, I’ve wanted this for ages, killer artwork]
Corrosion Of Conformity – Deliverance [US, DIDP matrix, these guys are playing here this Sunday]
Down – Diary Of A Mad Band: Europe In The Year Of VI [original US version, CD+DVD, not for me and in fact already on its way to the new owner so not in the photo]
Mastodon – Call Of The Mastodon [US, ripping, old Mastodon, the very best kind this is excellent]
Orange Goblin – A Eulogy For The Damned [US, not bad, needs more listens]
Primus – Green Naugahyde [US, ATO/Prawn Song Digipak version, this is really quite good]
Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder [US, slipcase version REV/CA matrix, not too sure I like this, maybe I need to play it louder] new to Discogs
The Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live [US, live album, good of old and new stuff]
The Melvins – The Bride Screamed Murder [US, these guys are hit and miss, this is a miss… especially the awful The Who cover]
Wormrot – Abuse [UK, 2010 reissue, fairly violent grindcore, needs more plays]


shop haul from last week

9 Jul

From the shop last week, I’m not that excited about most of it and about half of it goes straight to my trade list… oh dear how sad never mind, such is life eh!

Agathodaimon – Serpent’s Embrace [GER, enhanced single CD version] [new to Discogs]
Altamont – Civil War Fantasy [US, 2 ladies fighting cover not the ‘gallows’ cover, this sounds so different to the Acid King split stuff I got recently]
Autopsy – The Tomb Within [UK, super jewel box, more hippy slaying DM from the masters, nice artwork too]
Catharsis / Newspeak – Live In The Land Of The Dead / The Flood And The Storm [BRA, hardcore/punk/grind]
Condemned? – Condemned 2 Death [US, double CD of hardcore/grind/punk]
Confrontation – Confrontation [GER, compilation of all their music on 1 CD, put out after the band ripped off the label?!]
Dismal Euphony – All Little Devils [GER, not even close to anything I like]
Faith No More – The Real Thing [AUS, original, one of my favourite albums from way back when]
Infernal Execrator / Imperial Tyrants split – MCBL Heathen Blood Cult [US, fairly generic black/death, needs another listen]
Killing Joke – Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! [EUR, decent compilation of KJ stuff]
Neurosis – The Eye Of Every Storm [EUR with slipcase, I like the artwork at least]
Old Man Gloom – Christmas / Christmas Eve Part I+II + 6 [JP, double CD which is evidently quite valuable, pretty decent post metal/doom core metal stuff, disc 2 especially]
Prophanity – Stronger Than Steel [UK, Dissection-y black/death]
Psycroptic – Ob(Servant) [AUS, limited edition Digipak with AAA Summer Slaughter laminated pass, not my thing] [new to Discogs]
Rev. Kriss Hades – The Wind Of Orion Pyramids Of War [AUS/NZ, 2006 reissue, not bad at least there are a couple of SAD EX tracks on here…]
The House Of Capricorn – The Rivers And The Rain [NZ, CD-r EP, competent NZ metal band, I got another album of theirs last week too, members of Ulcerate are in this band by the way]

Dieselboy – projectHUMAN [US, killer 2 CD mixed album, who says USA can’t do good DnB, all Dieselboy stuff I have here is top notch]
Gotan Project – Lunático [RUS, licensed version woops, cool music though] [new to Discogs]
Klute – Breakbeat Science Exercise.003 [really good DnB mix by Klute]
Kruder & Dorfmeister – DJ-Kicks [GER, not bad, I was hoping it would be more DnB than it is though]


Deep Purple – Deep Purple In Rock [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Queen – A Kind Of Magic [AUS/NZ, evidently quite rare and valuable] [new to Discogs]
Roger Waters – Radio Kaos [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Soundgarden – Down On The Upside [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses [GER, original, black tape]


Discogs purchase

2 Jul

Got these from a seller on Discogs yesterday, some of them I only got to pack out the shipping but turned out to be quite good.

Bolt Thrower – Mercenary [GER, promo]
Candlemass – Death Magic Doom [GER, CD+DVD, ltd ed digipak]
Isis + Aereogramme – In The Fishtank 14 [NED, what is this godawful rubbish?!]
Otis – Electric Landlady [UK, very good and catchy stoner sludge metal]
Rotten Sound – Under Pressure [SPA, Repulse Records promo, proper grindcore]
Soilent Green – A Deleted Symphony For The Beaten Down [US, I have every SG album now]
Todd – Purity Pledge [UK, sounds like Unsane + Lair Of The Minotaur = wicked]


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