shop haul from last week

9 Jul

From the shop last week, I’m not that excited about most of it and about half of it goes straight to my trade list… oh dear how sad never mind, such is life eh!

Agathodaimon – Serpent’s Embrace [GER, enhanced single CD version] [new to Discogs]
Altamont – Civil War Fantasy [US, 2 ladies fighting cover not the ‘gallows’ cover, this sounds so different to the Acid King split stuff I got recently]
Autopsy – The Tomb Within [UK, super jewel box, more hippy slaying DM from the masters, nice artwork too]
Catharsis / Newspeak – Live In The Land Of The Dead / The Flood And The Storm [BRA, hardcore/punk/grind]
Condemned? – Condemned 2 Death [US, double CD of hardcore/grind/punk]
Confrontation – Confrontation [GER, compilation of all their music on 1 CD, put out after the band ripped off the label?!]
Dismal Euphony – All Little Devils [GER, not even close to anything I like]
Faith No More – The Real Thing [AUS, original, one of my favourite albums from way back when]
Infernal Execrator / Imperial Tyrants split – MCBL Heathen Blood Cult [US, fairly generic black/death, needs another listen]
Killing Joke – Laugh? I Nearly Bought One! [EUR, decent compilation of KJ stuff]
Neurosis – The Eye Of Every Storm [EUR with slipcase, I like the artwork at least]
Old Man Gloom – Christmas / Christmas Eve Part I+II + 6 [JP, double CD which is evidently quite valuable, pretty decent post metal/doom core metal stuff, disc 2 especially]
Prophanity – Stronger Than Steel [UK, Dissection-y black/death]
Psycroptic – Ob(Servant) [AUS, limited edition Digipak with AAA Summer Slaughter laminated pass, not my thing] [new to Discogs]
Rev. Kriss Hades – The Wind Of Orion Pyramids Of War [AUS/NZ, 2006 reissue, not bad at least there are a couple of SAD EX tracks on here…]
The House Of Capricorn – The Rivers And The Rain [NZ, CD-r EP, competent NZ metal band, I got another album of theirs last week too, members of Ulcerate are in this band by the way]

Dieselboy – projectHUMAN [US, killer 2 CD mixed album, who says USA can’t do good DnB, all Dieselboy stuff I have here is top notch]
Gotan Project – Lunático [RUS, licensed version woops, cool music though] [new to Discogs]
Klute – Breakbeat Science Exercise.003 [really good DnB mix by Klute]
Kruder & Dorfmeister – DJ-Kicks [GER, not bad, I was hoping it would be more DnB than it is though]


Deep Purple – Deep Purple In Rock [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Queen – A Kind Of Magic [AUS/NZ, evidently quite rare and valuable] [new to Discogs]
Roger Waters – Radio Kaos [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Soundgarden – Down On The Upside [AUS] [new to Discogs]
Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses [GER, original, black tape]



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