July 17

17 Jul

Got a few wicked units from a seller on Metal Archives

Atrocity – Hallucinations [GER, original, very good indeed]
Disharmonic Orchestra – Expositionsprophylaxe [GER, original, I have the reissue too]
Dismember – Pieces [GER, EP, original, short and violent this is really good]
Divine Eve – As The Angels Weep [GER, I have 2 copies of this now and the Vex split/Vengeful And Obstinate]
Hypocrisy – The Fourth Dimension [GER, ltd ed digipak, the beginning of the end…]
Kataklysm – Temple Of Knowledge (Kataklysm Part III) [GER or US, old Kataklysm rules]
Kataklysm – The Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation [GER, EP, BOD matrix] new to Discogs
Marduk – Fuck Me Jesus [FRA, original in a slimline jewel case, I have a reissue too] new to Discogs
Pungent Stench – “Club Mondo Bizarre” For Members Only [GER, original uncensored version, I have the censored one too, and the tape, and the t-shirt]

I got a box of jewel cases and some trays too


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