Discogs and Osmose

29 Jul

from Discogs

Deep Purple – Scandinavian Nights [UK, double live album, I’ve had this on cassette for 25 years! this CD version has a different mix to the tape. fantastic album and gives Made in Japan a very good run for its money, I prefer this one, look up the track listing]

From Osmose…

Axis Of Advance – Purify [FRA, more violence from the usual suspects, I have almost every album/ep now]
Azarath – Holy Possession [POL, ltd ed EP in a slipcase with a cool black jewel case]
Godüs – Phantomgrave: I Am The Catacombs [FRA, haven’t heard this yet, it was a freebee]
Ravager – Naxzgul Rising [FRA, insane ripping blackened dm done right, I have Storm Of Sin too]

7″ vinyl
Darkcide / Infestdead – Son Of The Darkside [wicked, I like these guys]

Portal – Cthulhu Rape
Portal – Nyarlathotep
Portal – Tempus Fugit

Badges or ‘pins’ as some people call them
Celtic Frost
Impaled Nazarene [round]




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