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a few new things

29 Aug

Missing from a previous order, excellent service though so senorhernandez at Discogs gets some recognition, also he has some wicked things for sale Conan, Slomatics, Bongripper etc
Conan – Monnos [US, digipak, original on Gravedancer]
Bought this directly from the band/Roger, it was $15 usd shipped, only 500 were made too…
Mortician – Final Bloodbath Session [US, ltd ed digipak reissue, I’ve wanted this for years and it SLAYS]
Swap deal with MA member Erosion of Humanity
Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus [jewel case version, I have the starpak too which I may now trade]
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Option Paralysis [I like this album but the packaging makes me want to take it out to the farm and shoot it, it’s awful]
NWN! purchase
Doombringer – Ancient Abominations [POL, digipak, comp of 2 demos, this is members of Bestial Raids and Cultes Des Ghoules but doesn’t really sound like either band]
Kerasphorus – Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn [US, 2011 repress, vicious but not total noise]
Got some cassettes too
Infected – Prick [original Wild Rags]This is the Australian death metal band
Misery – Astern Diabolus [original Wild Rags, with massive holes smashed through the rear cover by the spindles on the rear cover!] This is the Australian death metal band
Sadistic Intent – Impending Doom [original Wild Rags]
To be continued…



17 Aug

From Discogs, unfortunately the main thing I wanted was forgotten from the parcel [Conan – Monnos] but the seller was a total pro and has shipped that sucker out

Bongripper – Live At Roadburn 2012 [NED, double CD, the 2nd disc is Satan Worshipping Doom live in its entirety, pretty cool apart from the really cheap Digipak packaging, in fact they all have crap digipaks]
Slomatics – Estron [NED, wicked! super catchy stoner doom, great vocals too and cool artwork – space yaks?! ha ha]
Slomatics – A Hocht [NED, also super wicked catchy stoner doom, quite different vocals on this]



14 Aug

Got these from a seller in Spain today

Machetazo – Mundo Cripta [SPA, Throne Records ltd ed, killer! I got 2 copies so if anyone wants one…]


MA purchase, tardy update

7 Aug

These arrived from a seller on MA 2 weeks ago, so busy at work!

Blotted Science – The Machinations Of Dementia [US, WHOAH?! this rules, can’t believe I have never heard these guys before]
Death – Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) [GER, promo]
Deicide – Legion [EUR, looks to be an original, finally!]
Destruction – The Curse Of The Antichrist – Live In Agony [EUR, double live album, can’t go wrong with that – the banter I can do without however]
Hate Eternal – Conquering The Throne [UK, original, finally I have this menacing album!]
Nailbomb – Point Blank [EUR, original, I have literally wanted this for 20 years ha ha it’s quite good too]
Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come [GER/US, original, some old school UK thrash]

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy [EUR, IIIII waaant your sooulllll, indeed – hilarious album cover as per usual]
Mick Harris – Hednod Sessions [UK, 2 CD ‘compilation’ which is considerably less violent than I was expecting]

And from the same seller but not for me

Forefather – Deep Into Time [NED, Anglo-Saxon Metal? ok…]
Hate Forest – Sorrow [UK, Ukrainian bm, bleak and beautiful artwork]
Kroda – Towards The Firmaments Verge Of Life… [some kind of Russian Viking Hippy music, very nice artwork inside the booklet]
Ozric Tentacles – Afterswish [UK, 2 CD compilation, 1998 reissue]
Ozric Tentacles – Arborescence [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Become The Other [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Curious Corn [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Live At The Pongmasters Ball [UK, 2 CD live album with slipcase]
Ozric Tentacles – Strangeitude [UK, 1998 reissue]
Ozric Tentacles – Waterfall Cities [UK, original, Ceema matrix]



lastfm scrobbling

6 Aug

Looks like I’m just going to ‘risk it’ and take my chances now, Oct 10 2014
That was fun while it lasted but my DVD drive broke so yeah… Sep 11 2014

I decided I’d like to scrobble the CDs I play on my PC, the music player I use is called Audacious and the skin I use is called Refugee.
If the track titles or band names etc look wrong or are just some mangled mass of numbers and stuff it’s because I listen to cool underground music and their silly mainstream database isn’t cool enough, cool.

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