MA purchase, tardy update

7 Aug

These arrived from a seller on MA 2 weeks ago, so busy at work!

Blotted Science – The Machinations Of Dementia [US, WHOAH?! this rules, can’t believe I have never heard these guys before]
Death – Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) [GER, promo]
Deicide – Legion [EUR, looks to be an original, finally!]
Destruction – The Curse Of The Antichrist – Live In Agony [EUR, double live album, can’t go wrong with that – the banter I can do without however]
Hate Eternal – Conquering The Throne [UK, original, finally I have this menacing album!]
Nailbomb – Point Blank [EUR, original, I have literally wanted this for 20 years ha ha it’s quite good too]
Sabbat – History Of A Time To Come [GER/US, original, some old school UK thrash]

Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy [EUR, IIIII waaant your sooulllll, indeed – hilarious album cover as per usual]
Mick Harris – Hednod Sessions [UK, 2 CD ‘compilation’ which is considerably less violent than I was expecting]

And from the same seller but not for me

Forefather – Deep Into Time [NED, Anglo-Saxon Metal? ok…]
Hate Forest – Sorrow [UK, Ukrainian bm, bleak and beautiful artwork]
Kroda – Towards The Firmaments Verge Of Life… [some kind of Russian Viking Hippy music, very nice artwork inside the booklet]
Ozric Tentacles – Afterswish [UK, 2 CD compilation, 1998 reissue]
Ozric Tentacles – Arborescence [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Become The Other [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Curious Corn [UK, original]
Ozric Tentacles – Live At The Pongmasters Ball [UK, 2 CD live album with slipcase]
Ozric Tentacles – Strangeitude [UK, 1998 reissue]
Ozric Tentacles – Waterfall Cities [UK, original, Ceema matrix]




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