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Headless Horseman

26 Sep

Part 2 arrived from Headless Horseman

Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell [AUS, not bad, sounds like D666 a bit]
Eskhaton – Worship Death [MEX, whoah if you liked their first album you’ll love this, I reckon this is even better than Nihilgoety, they played here recently in Wellington and I didn’t go but Ross grabbed this and a patch for me at the gig, nice one]
Incantation – Dirges Of Elysium [FRA, digipak, very awesome and the artwork isn’t by who I thought it was by…]
Internal Bleeding – Heritage Of Sickness [US, digipak, solid stuff]
Relapse Singles Series Vol. 3 – Rottrevore / Repulsion / Monstrosity / Incantation [US, reissued 7″ EPs, I definitely need more Rottrevore the rest is good too though]
Teitanblood – Death [FRA, NED version, man this SLAYS so hard! awesome stuff]

Mitochondrion – Antinumerology [US, 7″ black vinyl, haven’t played this yet but it’s probably wicked]
Wargoat – Materia Prima [GRE, 7″ black vinyl, I’ve not heard these guys before]

Eskhaton – Devilment patch [I think the front cover of Worship Death would make a really good patch too]



NWN! sale + ps

24 Sep

From the NWN! sale recently

Demonomancy – Rites Of Barbaric Demons [US, not bad, sounds like Black Witchery]
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblåst/Stormblast [BRA, reissue, accidental purchase]
Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita [US, solid stuff but not too exciting]
Morbosidad – Morbosidad [US, reissue]
Mystifier – Goetia [BRA, remastered reissue, it’s ok]
Prime Evil – Evilution [FRA, digipak 3 track EP]
Sacriphyx – The Western Front [US, eh… not bad, some catchy stuff]
Throneum – Bestial Antihuman Evil [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Throneum – Death Throne Entities [POL, comic sans matrix…]
Throneum – Mutiny Of Death [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Throneum – Old Death’s Lair [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Witches Hammer – Dead Forever [ITA, 2xCD compilation of all sorts of stuff]


And I got this [back] from someone in an odd but cool deal, I sold it to him ages ago then bought it back last week ha ha I now have 3 CD versions of this and the tape

Pungent Stench – Been Caught Buttering [US, original US version with red text and red splatter]



18 Sep

A friend of mine sent me this, I’ll have to think of something to send them in return

Coffins / The Arm And Sword Of A Bastard God – split [US, annoying packaging but ultra heavy music and even a Pungent Stench cover, HUUUUEEAAAARRGGHHH!!!!]


My mysterious table of secrecy and deception…

And because I tweeted these from my phone then used the image urls in my blog all this will appear twice everywhere… I don’t want any rage-unsubscriptions though ha ha


17 Sep

From Discogs, took ages to arrive too

Marduk – Opus Nocturne [FRA, original, cool artwork]
Marduk – Heaven Shall Burn… When We Are Gathered [FRA, original, I really like this one]


ma purchase

17 Sep

These arrived last week from a seller at MA, some good stuff, some accidental double ups, some stuff I don’t like…

Beherit – Engram [FIN, pretty good]
Cannibal Corpse – Worm Infested [US, jewel case version]
Coffins – Mortuary In Darkness [US, original, this is really wicked and mega heavy]
Cryptopsy – Ungentle Exhumation [CAN, 2002 reissue, the only CD version I think, old Cryptopsy rules]
Entombed – Wolverine Blues [UK, original, their last good album? I like it]
Gorguts – Live In Rotterdam [CAN, I have 2 copies of this now]
Hellhammer – Demon Entrails [US, cardboard sleeve, I have 2 different versions of this now]
Malignancy – Intrauterine Cannibalism [US, 2002 reissue]
Mayhem – Live In Leipzig [UK, 2007 Digipak reissue]
Mayhem – Ordo Ad Chao [FRA, metal case but clear jewel case and not the red disc] new to Discogs
Mortician – Hacked Up For Barbecue / Zombie Apocalypse [US, both releases on 1 disc]
Mortification – Hammer Of God [US, original, not bad, sounds like Mortification]
Overkill – Necroshine [CAN, not bad]
Rotting Christ – Passage To Arcturo [US, 2006 Unruly remastered reissue with bonus songs]
Sepultura – Live In São Paulo [US, double CD live, Derrick on vocals… it’s ok] new to Discogs
Slo Burn – Amusing The Amazing [US, original, I’ve wanted this for years]


violent vinyl

12 Sep

Some vinyl from Headless Horseman in Wellington, there is some more on the way from him too

Paradise Lost – Frozen Illusion [GER, 7″, 2009 reissue]

Antediluvian – λόγος/Logos [US, black LP with huge poster of ‘art’ and a booklet with more ‘art’, fortunately this is a VERY good album and I don’t have to hear the ‘art’ :p ]
Diocletian – Doom Cult [GER, Iron Bonehead ltd ed reissue picture disc, I now have every version of this]
Heresiarch – Hammer Of Intransigence [GER, Iron Bonehead ltd ed reissue with a poster of that killer artwork]
Martire – Brutal Legions Of The Apocalypse [US, black LP, glossy cover and poster, man this is going to sound wicked on vinyl]
Morbosidad – Muerte De Cristo En Golgota [US, black LP, glossy cover and photo quality pictures on the back too]
Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis [US, HHR, ltd ed brown with a huge booklet, awful vinyl colour ha ha]


Atheist swap

11 Sep

Swap deal with a trader on MA

Atheist – Elements [US, original, not a bad album but it’s no Piece Of Time… it actually has an old Metal Blade business card in it ha ha awesome]


Local deal

11 Sep

Bought these from a trader in NZ by way of the NWN! forums

Bestial Raids – Prime Evil Damnation [US, black vinyl, I got this for the sick artwork and have a copy on CD too]
Diocletian – Doom Cult [GER, tape, STI white case, I now have every version of this: picture disc LP in next update]
Sadistic Intent – Resurrection [US, CD, Dark Realm repress]

Included was a huge Bestial Raids back patch and the poster from the ltd ed version of Prime Evil Damnation



MA swap

5 Sep

From a trader at MA

Bölzer – Aura [GER, finally I have this, took a while to grow on me though]
Hecate Enthroned – The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty [UK, original, not for me
Scent Of Flesh – Become Malignity [FIN, solid tech death, wicked artwork too]


some promos etc

5 Sep

From Discogs


Abaddon Incarnate – Dark Crusade [SPA, wicked stuff, never heard them before, they’re Irish]
Abscess – Horrorhammer [UK, pure smut]
Ajattara – Kalmanto [FIN, a bit weird but quite good]
Bongzilla – Amerijuanican [US, this is really good, pity it’s split up over 85 tracks to annoy pirates]
Brutality – In Mourning [GER, I have the original US CD too]
Damnation – Rebel Souls [GER, solid DM, I have Reborn… too]
Demoniac – The Fire And The Wind [FRA, not really my cuppa tea]
Marduk – Live In Germania [FRA, totally wicked live album with Peter Tägtgren on guitars]
Old Funeral – The Older Ones [NED, really good stuff with members of Immortal and Burzum etc]
Sepsism – Purulent Decomposition [SPA, gnarly old school DM]

full albums
Abigor – Apokalypse [AUSTRIA, ep, original]
Cianide – Rage War 1996 [NED, 2000 reissue with bonus live tracks, missing the rear cover but it was a good price so I’m happy, my Cianide collection is getting fairly good]


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