some promos etc

5 Sep

From Discogs


Abaddon Incarnate – Dark Crusade [SPA, wicked stuff, never heard them before, they’re Irish]
Abscess – Horrorhammer [UK, pure smut]
Ajattara – Kalmanto [FIN, a bit weird but quite good]
Bongzilla – Amerijuanican [US, this is really good, pity it’s split up over 85 tracks to annoy pirates]
Brutality – In Mourning [GER, I have the original US CD too]
Damnation – Rebel Souls [GER, solid DM, I have Reborn… too]
Demoniac – The Fire And The Wind [FRA, not really my cuppa tea]
Marduk – Live In Germania [FRA, totally wicked live album with Peter Tägtgren on guitars]
Old Funeral – The Older Ones [NED, really good stuff with members of Immortal and Burzum etc]
Sepsism – Purulent Decomposition [SPA, gnarly old school DM]

full albums
Abigor – Apokalypse [AUSTRIA, ep, original]
Cianide – Rage War 1996 [NED, 2000 reissue with bonus live tracks, missing the rear cover but it was a good price so I’m happy, my Cianide collection is getting fairly good]



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