NWN! sale + ps

24 Sep

From the NWN! sale recently

Demonomancy – Rites Of Barbaric Demons [US, not bad, sounds like Black Witchery]
Dimmu Borgir – Stormblåst/Stormblast [BRA, reissue, accidental purchase]
Imprecation – Satanae Tenebris Infinita [US, solid stuff but not too exciting]
Morbosidad – Morbosidad [US, reissue]
Mystifier – Goetia [BRA, remastered reissue, it’s ok]
Prime Evil – Evilution [FRA, digipak 3 track EP]
Sacriphyx – The Western Front [US, eh… not bad, some catchy stuff]
Throneum – Bestial Antihuman Evil [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Throneum – Death Throne Entities [POL, comic sans matrix…]
Throneum – Mutiny Of Death [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Throneum – Old Death’s Lair [POL, reissue digipak, ltd ed]
Witches Hammer – Dead Forever [ITA, 2xCD compilation of all sorts of stuff]


And I got this [back] from someone in an odd but cool deal, I sold it to him ages ago then bought it back last week ha ha I now have 3 CD versions of this and the tape

Pungent Stench – Been Caught Buttering [US, original US version with red text and red splatter]



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