Headless Horseman

26 Sep

Part 2 arrived from Headless Horseman

Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell [AUS, not bad, sounds like D666 a bit]
Eskhaton – Worship Death [MEX, whoah if you liked their first album you’ll love this, I reckon this is even better than Nihilgoety, they played here recently in Wellington and I didn’t go but Ross grabbed this and a patch for me at the gig, nice one]
Incantation – Dirges Of Elysium [FRA, digipak, very awesome and the artwork isn’t by who I thought it was by…]
Internal Bleeding – Heritage Of Sickness [US, digipak, solid stuff]
Relapse Singles Series Vol. 3 – Rottrevore / Repulsion / Monstrosity / Incantation [US, reissued 7″ EPs, I definitely need more Rottrevore the rest is good too though]
Teitanblood – Death [FRA, NED version, man this SLAYS so hard! awesome stuff]

Mitochondrion – Antinumerology [US, 7″ black vinyl, haven’t played this yet but it’s probably wicked]
Wargoat – Materia Prima [GRE, 7″ black vinyl, I’ve not heard these guys before]

Eskhaton – Devilment patch [I think the front cover of Worship Death would make a really good patch too]



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