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Hammer time

28 Oct

Antichrist Hammerfist
Hammer Battalion
Hammering Down The Law Of The New Gods
Hammer Of Doom
Hammer Of God
Hammer Of Gods
Hammer Of The North
Hammer Of The Witch
Sign Of The Hammer
The Hammer
Trollhammaren [partial]

What else…?



new stuff

24 Oct

part three: from Discogs, love that place!

Carcass – Live At St. George’s Hall, Bradford, UK November 15, 1989 [MEX, naughty bootleg, not for me but it’s pretty good]
Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum [US, not bad, needs another listen, didn’t really jump out at me]
Machetazo – Carne De Cementerio [US, ultra heavy Spanish death grind blast noise, I have all their albums [available on CD] now apart from The Maggot Sessions]
Sodom – Marooned Live [GER, really good old live album from 1994]
Troll – Universal [NOR, wicked! my kind of industrial black metal horror show, I have The Last Predators too which is really good too, an accidental discovery even]
Unleashed – Victory [US, original, wicked stuff]
Vociferian – Glorificia Bestials [BEL? pretty good, I have Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum too]

Pick of the litter: Troll, it’s new and exciting, it would be Machetazo but I’ve heard that before but this troll is really good


new stuff

24 Oct

Part two: from Discogs

Mortification – Live Without Fear (Mortification, Live At ‘The Voice’ 3-2-96) [nice old live set]
Mortification – The Silver Cord Is Severed [original with the red cover]
Mortification – Triumph Of Mercy [US]
Prong – Power Of The Damager [US, digipak, reasonably forgettable]
The Crucified – Take Up Your Cross/Nailed [US, old demos? not really my bag but, one for the collection]
The Crucified – The Pillars Of Humanity [US, original! I’ve wanted this for years, Disctronics USA matrix] New to Discogs
Vengeance Rising – Destruction Comes [US, original]

Pick of the litter: The Crucified – The Pillars Of Humanity easily wins, this album instantly transports me back to 1993 3rd form [thanks for the dubbed tape Rob the Aussie – see bonus photo, nostalgia override man, where did 21 years go…]



new stuff

23 Oct

Part one: Bathory from someone I know, Black Witchery from Discogs

Bathory – Under The Sign Of The Black Mark [GER, repress of a reissue from about 2000, low quality artwork but wicked music]
Black Witchery – Desecration Of The Holy Kingdom [US, original! got this for a very nice price]


new stuff

16 Oct

Got these from a Discogs seller in Germany, I paid a little more than I should have but who cares, it’s only money
I have so many parcels on the way to me, I should probably hold off till after xmas… or at least the end of October

Machetazo – Sinfonías Del Terror Ciego [US, whoah! this rules, good artwork too, I have almost every album on CD now]
Marduk – Nightwing [FRA, original, needs another listen]
Mortification – Scrolls Of The Megilloth [GER, original! has the Nuclear disc logo, I’ve wanted this for many years indeed]

Pick of the litter: Machetazo


new stuff

14 Oct

Got these today from 2 different places

Swap deal
Witchmaster – Violence & Blasphemy [US, 2002 reissue] new to Discogs

Local purchase
Cathedral – Forest Of Equilibrium [UK, original, finally]

Dune [DVD, the original one, oops I already have one]
The Clan Of The Cavebear [DVD, I’ve never seen it but I have read all the books]


New stuff

8 Oct

From Deathgasm

Barbatos – Live At Factory [US, awful stuff]
Cianide – The Dying Truth [US, reissue with different track order and 2 bonus EPs, killer!]
Coffin Texts – Gods Of Creation, Death & Afterlife [COL, some strange Columbian reissue? wicked album though]
Desecration – Process Of Decay [US, reissue, brutal stuff, I have a few of their albums now]
Disciples Of Mockery – Prelude To Apocalypse [US, reissue with different artwork and the DOM promo, I have the original too]
Godüs – Hell Fuck Demon Sound [SPA, pretty cool Spanish black metal, their second album I like a lot]
Machetazo – Live At CBGB – New York City [POL, includes 2 covers, one of my favourite DM bands, great stuff]
Malevolent Creation – Retrospective [US, comp, original on Crash]
Morbid Goat Fornicator – Nuclear Vaticano [US, that name! ha ha ha generic black death, it’s ok]
Negativa – Negativa [CAN, PRC reissue, I have an original too]
Yskelgroth – Unholy Primitive Nihilism [US, Spanish black death with the guy from Avulsed, not bad, cool artwork too]


new stuff

8 Oct

From HHR
Beherit – At The Devil’s Studio 1990 [US, HHR, I really like this, good sound quality too considering]
Cultes Des Ghoules – Henbane [US, HHR, I like weird metal, this is excellent, 1 spare copy available]
Pseudogod – Deathwomb Catechesis [US, HHR, insane but still catchy black death, 1 spare copy available]

From someone I know
Dissolution – Plague Of Violence [NZ, ripping thrash/death, really intense and catchy]


ex Discogs

3 Oct

from Discogs

High On Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis [US, finally! I actually forgot I was listening to it so will have to play it again soon]
Kylesa – Ultraviolet [US, jewel case, quite good but needs another listen]
Revenge – Infiltration.Downfall.Death [US, I have every album now, nice]
Soilent Green – Pussysoul [original, this replaces my scratched up one, cool album too, I have every album now]
Teitanblood – Seven Chalices [US, this is insane, the artwork is twisted too I got Death the other day]
Vasaeleth – Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin [CAN, whoah awesome, at first I thought it didn’t sound like Incantation but by track 3 [?] it sounded just like Incantation, I appear to have the original not the repress]


recent arrivals

3 Oct

Morbosidad – Enterrados Vivos En La Tumba De Moscow [RUS, got it brand new from Pestis Insaniae, pretty good live recording and sweet artwork too] also I have 1 spare copy…

Candlemass – Nightfall [US, 2005 2xCD reissue, excellent stuff but I already have a copy]
Cephalic Carnage – Anomalies [US, original, not too bad]
Church Of Misery – Master Of Brutality [US, original Southern Lord, not bad]
Gojira – Terra Incognita [FRA, 2009 Listenable reissue, killer stuff]
Nirvana – MTV Unplugged In New York [AUS, cool album, the only one I was missing] new to Discogs
Temple Of The Dog – Temple Of The Dog [AUS, repress I think, I’ve wanted this for 23 years ha ha] new to Discogs


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