new stuff

24 Oct

part three: from Discogs, love that place!

Carcass – Live At St. George’s Hall, Bradford, UK November 15, 1989 [MEX, naughty bootleg, not for me but it’s pretty good]
Denouncement Pyre – Almighty Arcanum [US, not bad, needs another listen, didn’t really jump out at me]
Machetazo – Carne De Cementerio [US, ultra heavy Spanish death grind blast noise, I have all their albums [available on CD] now apart from The Maggot Sessions]
Sodom – Marooned Live [GER, really good old live album from 1994]
Troll – Universal [NOR, wicked! my kind of industrial black metal horror show, I have The Last Predators too which is really good too, an accidental discovery even]
Unleashed – Victory [US, original, wicked stuff]
Vociferian – Glorificia Bestials [BEL? pretty good, I have Universal Hate Decades Ultimatum too]

Pick of the litter: Troll, it’s new and exciting, it would be Machetazo but I’ve heard that before but this troll is really good



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