new stuff

14 Nov

From a Discogs seller in Belgium

Hecate Enthroned – Dark Requiems…And Unsilent Massacre [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – Kings Of Chaos [UK, Blackened records] not for me
Hecate Enthroned – The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty [UK, Blackened records, oops accidental purchase]
Morbid Angel – Blessed Are The Sick [UK/EUR, finally an original after wading through a sea of represses and remastered reissues I have one!]

MA swap deal from Trinidad and Tobago [sent to Croatia]

Marduk – Glorification [FRA, not copy protected, cover songs? it’s ok] new to Discogs
Marduk – Plague Angel [SWE, original, this is wicked, really harsh and violent]
Slayer – Show No Mercy [US, 1987 reissue! ripping thrash metal from the masters, man this is old]
Spinal Tap – Break Like The Wind [US, MCA version, cool!]

MA purchase from Australia

Alchemist – Jar Of Kingdom [AUS, original Lethal Records, quite the score, Lunasphere it is not however]
Cannibal Corpse – Eaten Back To Life [US, original Metal Blade/Death Records, Disctronics USA matrix] not for me, new to Discogs
Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding [US, original uncensored Disctronics matrix]
Martire / Throneum – United In Hell [AUS, split of insane black death] not for me
Misery – A Necessary Evil [AUS, original Velvet Urge Records! I now have all their albums, not the EPs yet though]
Troll – Neo-Satanic Supremacy [AUS, original Napalm records, cool industrial black metal]
Very, Very, Dead & Gory – A Veritable Paragon Of Wholesome Family Entertainment [AUS/OZ, finally I have this again, muddy bass sounds like it was recorded in a toilet, excellent stuff]

Pick of the litter has to be Misery!



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