Stoner and sludge

21 Dec

Stoner and sludge

Buzzov•en – Sore [EUR, I’ve literally wanted this for 20 years, really cool album]
Electric Wizard – Come My Fanatics…. / Electric Wizard [UK, 1999, both albums on 2 CDs, handy, I’ve wanted their 1st for a while and now I can trade off my ‘Fanatics reissue] new to Discogs
Fu Manchu – Eatin’ Dust [US, good stuff]
Goatsnake – Goatsnake I [UK, Rise Above, wicked album]
Nebula – Sun Creature [US, EP, sounds like Nebula]
Nirvana – Live At Reading [bootleg Digipak aaarrggghh!] new to Discogs
Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues [UK, original, not my favourite but still really good]
Roachpowder – Viejo Diablo [SWE, original OSP version, wicked stoner from Sweden] new to Discogs

Pick of the litter: easily Buzzov•en, but Roachpowder grew on me the most [never heard them before]

Sick puppy: Nirvana, ultra spewing about this thing, I got a refund but still



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