this just in

31 Dec

Bathory – Destroyer Of Worlds [GER, 2001 original, not the very similar bootleg]
Bathory – Octagon [GER, 1995 original, cool]
Bathory – Requiem [GER, 1994 original, unfortunately the rear cover must have gotten damaged or lost because this one has been printed at home…]
Incantation – Blasphemous Cremation [US, wicked! this is the unmixed Onward To Golgotha album]
Malignancy – Inhuman Grotesqueries [UK, Candlelight, insane DM]
Vader – Reborn In Chaos [1997 Hammerheart original? comp of old Vader stuff, this rules]
Von – Satanic Blood Angel [2005 NWN! version, there is a 2002 and 2009 too, not bad]

Pick of the litter: Incantation! I don’t really dig Golgotha as much as their other albums but this sounds excellent, the totally unmixed soggy mess makes it sound really gnarly, the different track order is cool too [only 6 songs]



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