mega haul part 3

27 Jan

mega haul part 3, odds and sods + traders…

Adversarial – All Idols Fall Before The Hammer [US]
Aldebaran – Embracing The Lightless Depths [US, Digipak]
A.M.S.G. – The Principle Of Evil Becomes The Ideal Of The Promethean [GER]
Arkhon Infaustus – Perdition Insanabilis [Promo, cardboard sleeve]
Armour – Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion [THAI, comp]
Bestial Warlust – Blood & Valour [AUS/NZ, original with matte/stippled booklet]
Bölzer – Roman Acupuncture [SWI/NZ CDr, ltd ed hand numbered] *not in the photo, woops
Brighter Death Now – Innerwar [US, RLP matrix]
Deiphago – Satanik Eon [CAN, ltd ed 712/1000]
Demoniac – Prepare For War [GER, original]
Disciples Of Mockery – Prelude To Apocalypse [US, original]
Genocide Shrines – Devanation Monumentemples [IND]
Gospel Of The Horns – A Call To Arms [IRE, Saturn Ireland matrix]
Grave Miasma – Exalted Emanation [GER, Digipak]
Immolation – Dawn Of Possession [US, original]
Martire – Martire [US, 2007 reissue]
Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas [NOR, repress]
Merzbow – Merzbox Sampler [AUS, cardboard sleeve]
Necrovomit – Demo 1 [ITA, CDr ltd ed]
Ouroboros – Circling The Coils Of Chaos [US, CDr]
Ouroboros – Spear Of Destiny [GER]
Possessed – Seven Churches [US, Relativity 1999 reissue/repress, DIDX matrix]
Rotting Christ – Passage To Arcturo [US, Unruly reissue]
The Puritan – Lithium Gates [FIN, promo comp]
Various – Darkness Hath No Boundaries [Southern Lord sampler]
Various – Mystical Music Magazine Sampler #15 [CDr]
Various – Pre Electric Wizard 1989-1994 [US, 2006, Digipak]
Various – Zero Tolerance Audio 037 [UK, magazine comp]
Vasaeleth – Crypt Born & Tethered To Ruin [CAN, builtbyicon matrix]
Witchmaster – Masochistic Devil Worship [POL, ltd ed]




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