Trading update

12 Feb

I’ll be listing a heap of new stuff, double ups and stuff I don’t want mostly.

This excludes all the stuff I already had that needs to be relisted too [after a stocktake!]
Given the recent dramas at work and that I’m now working for the duration of the weekend as per normal I won’t be doing anything else till Monday or so.

Anyway, here’s a nice grainy picture…

feb 12 traders


2 Responses to “Trading update”

  1. Stuart Larwood 13/02/2015 at 3:35 pm #

    Keen on afew mate Black Witchery split plus Desecration cd, theres prob afew more but hard to see them to really identify ’em

    Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 08:40:33 +0000 To:


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