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2 deals

31 Mar

2 separate deals, 1 from NWN! and 1 from Metal Archives

Asesino – Corridos De Muerte [US, original Koolarrow] like Brujeria but not
Crowbar – Symmetry In Black [EUR] I have every album now
Celtic Frost – Cold Lake [GER] tape, I have never heard this [><.]

Hate – Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel Of Malice & Hatred [FRA] not bad, Polish tech death
Monstrosity – Spiritual Apocalypse [GER] pretty good, wicked drums, I've not really heard this album before
Zyklon – The Storm Manifesto [UK] all 3 albums on 3 CDs + bonus material in a Fatboy jewel case, old school!




31 Mar

I got these from an anonymous tortured soul…

Witchrist/Antediluvian – The Burning Reprieve/Shifting Transcendental: Autonomous Gate To The Other Side [GRE] gatefold 7″ that’s a new one
Witchrist – Vritra [GER] 12″ single sided etched + poster
Witchrist – Vritra t-shirt, not many of these were made I was told


4 deals

30 Mar

Got these via NWN!, Metal Archives, Discogs and privately over the past couple of weeks.
There’s another pile sitting next to me now too! ha ha


Burial – Enlightened With Pain [US] sounds a bit like Cannibal Corpse, Mangled etc solid stuff
Faith No More – Introduce Yourself [EUR, original] great album
Grave – Soulless [US, original] finally an original, I can flick off my reissue
Nox – Ixaxaar [US] decent Dutch DM band


Atrocity – Todessehnsucht [EUR, original] I’ve wanted this for ages, I’ve had and sold represses…
Verminous – Impious Sacrilege [SPA, original 2003] this band are wicked, I recommend them
NunSlaughter – Devil Metal [tape, ltd ed 319/500] live NunSlaughter is classic, possible trader


Abruptum – Casus Luciferi [SWE] slow, atmospheric black doom?! excellent stuff whatever is it
Marduk – Frontschwein [SWE, jewel case version with 120×120 sticker] a varied and memorable album
Marduk – Warschau [SWE, ltd ed with slipcase] live Marduk, awesome
Mord – Necrosodomic Abyss [EUR, promo] reasonably violent and listenable black metal, I have Christendom Perished too
Zyklon – Storm Detonation [UK, DVD promo] live Zyklon is good Zyklon


Bad Brains – Quickness [US, repress] fun album, it left a mark when I was 13 and still sounds good now, my other repress will get traded
Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality [EUR, old repress]
Black Sabbath – Paranoid [US, old repress]
Black Sabbath – Sabotage [EUR, old repress]
Human Remains – Using Sickness As A Hero [US] not bad, I added it on a whim to my order
Spaceboy – Getting Warm On The Trail Of Heat [US] finally!


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