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Stoner sludge pt 1

16 Apr

Got a nice pile of stuff from a dude on Discogs, another parcel is on the way from him now too
The only problem is it all reeks of smoke, it’s awful =x

Black Cobra – Bestial [US, original AAL] killer sludge/stoner stuff, I have all their albums now
Black Cobra – Black Cobra [US, EP]
Black Cobra – Chronomega [US, Southern Lord]
Black Cobra – Feather And Stone [US, original AAL, Digipak]
Buzzov-en – …At A Loss [US, original!] starts off very strong, probably the best track on the album #1 super stoked to finally have more of their stuff in my collection, the artwork is wicked too
Eternal Elysium – Share [US] quality stoner doom from Japan, these guys are excellent
Grand Magus – Grand Magus [UK, original] now this is quite good but it’s not the one I heard recently and really liked, it’s certainly heavy enough but the vocals aren’t to my liking, similar to Spiritual Beggars I suppose. I really want to find the one I heard recently because that was mind numbingly heavy stoner doom!
Nasum – Shift [US] good but not awesome, they were really wicked live
Orange Goblin – Thieving From The House Of God [US, original] surprise Jagermeister logo :P good but the ZZ Top cover isn’t really needed…
Saint Vitus – Die Healing [GER, original!] killer, I finally got this! my favourite SV album
Solace/Greatdayforup – Split [US, EP] 3 songs from each, GDFU isn’t bad but Solace are excellent, dude has a really good voice too
Sun Of Nothing – …And Voices Words Faces Complete The Dream [GRE, Digipak] well that’s a bold intro for a metal album – 14 minutes of ambient noise/drone/fuzz, this album is killer and while not unique is an enjoyable listen, I’ve played it half a dozen times since I got it
Vulgar Pigeons – Burning Episode [US] cool semi transparent disc



tape and box set

7 Apr

Local swap deal

Deicide – In The Minds Of Evil [GER, box set with flag, sticker – no patch] some Bogan is walking around Palmerston North with my patch on I’ll bet ha ha this album is all good, I think I enjoyed it more than the last 2

Vassafor – Demo I [FRA] tape, ltd ed 027/300, I have all 3 tapes now


Grave Upheaval tape

7 Apr

Got this tape today

Grave Upheaval – self titled [original glossy artwork]


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