Real Groovy goodies

14 May

Real Groovy haul from about 2 weeks ago, I’m back on day/evening shifts now so I can actually get in there but I’ve been busy as and had to cover some other guy’s shifts at work so haven’t been able to get back in.

Afflicted – Prodigal Sun [POL, 2008 Digipak reissue] pretty cool stuff
Cave In – Creative Eclipses [US] blind buy, nothing too outstanding but good enough to own
Crucifix – Visions Of Nihilism [SPA] whoah! this rules, sounds like Morpheus Descends / Morta Skuld
Deicide – In Torment In Hell [AUS] an average Deicide album, got it because it’s the Australian version
Diabolical Masquerade – Ravendusk In My Heart [UK, 2007 Digipak reissue] not bad, reminds me of another band I can’t quite put my finger on
Fear Factory – Mechanize [AUS/NZ] meh
M.O.D. – Gross Misconduct [US, original] not bad, needs another listen, meaning: I think I paid too much for this [re liner notes ha ha]
Neurosis – Souls At Zero [US, original] needs my full concentration, saving I for a rainy day, I enjoy this band but struggle with them at times
NunSlaughter – Angelic Dread [US, 2xCD] disc 2 has re-recorded old songs, sounds good, sounds like NunSlaughter
Pantera – Unofficial Hits [US, it actually IS official, it’s a promo/sampler] evidently not very common
Pungent Stench – For God Your Soul … For Me Your Flesh [US, remixed/re-recorded] my favourite version of this album, I now have it on tape, LP and CD
Purtenance – Member Of Immortal Damnation [SPA, 2011 reissue] I should have bought this years ago, wicked stuff
Ramesses – Misanthropic Alchemy [UK] so this is half of Electric Wizard… it’s interesting and excellent in its own right
The Desert Sessions – 9 & 10 [AUS] Josh Homme and PJ Harvey doing stuff
The Obsessed – The Church Within [AUS, original] excellent album that took me a long time to enjoy, new to Discogs
Thrones – Day Late, Dollar Short [US, compilation] I got this because I heard the track Senex on a Southern Lord sampler
Voïvod – Killing Technology [US, very old Noise press] woops, I have 2 copies of this now and the LP

Markdown – Markdown [NZ, tape] support your local band and record store, the band work at Real Groovy Auckland the lyrics are themed around this too

Saint Vitus – Mournful Cries [US, original LP] Saint Vitus on vinyl, great stuff
Swans – Filth [UK, 2014 reissue LP] comes with a download card and 2 huge posters, I paid far too much for this now that I’m checking online, who cares: Swans!

Pick of the litter: Crucifix because I took a gamble on it and it’s really wicked old school death metal done just right but also the Pungent Stench which I can’t believe was just sitting on the shelf, what luck



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