New stuff

2 Jun

Some new stuff from Discogs/privately, 3rd or 4th deal with this guy now!

Angel Rot – Unlistenable Hymns Of Indulgent Damnage [US] really catchy stoner doom
Clutch – Clutch [US] this is quite good and almost awesome, but it’s no TNSL
Gargantula – Infinitasm [US] this is or was most of Spaceboy, who I really like, this is killer and sounds quiet similar to Spaceboy
Killing Joke – Killing Joke [US, repress] new to Discogs, some nice old KJ, the best kind
Leeches Of Lore – Leeches Of Lore [US, eco-pak] what a mixed up mess of awesome and terrible stuff, odd-heavy like The Melvins
Nebula – Atomic Ritual [US, Digipak] sounds like Nebula
Saint Vitus – Lillie: F-65 [ARG] not bad, has some catchy stuff, needs another listen
Saint Vitus – Live [US, 2005 reissue] this rules, not remastered either so still sounds good
Stumm – I [UK] whoah, this is awesome, brutal and slow sludge with really mental vocals
Sword – Lord By Fire [US] what is this sludge/post metal? it’s quite cool, sounds a bit like Black Cobra etc
Tad – Live Alien Broadcasts [US] live in the studio

Pink Floyd – The Division Bell [US, original] it’s been out for 21 years, figured I’d go ahead and get it already…

Oh and I got another big box of jewel cases




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