Multiple deals

16 Jun

New stuff in from all over the show, I’m not even going to try to separate them all

Acid King – The Early Years [JPN, comp, original not the 2010 reissue] really cool demo/ep comp
Eisenvater – Eisenvater II [GER] killer German industrial/death/thrash/doom, I’ve wanted these for years
Eisenvater – Eisenvater III [GER]
Marduk – La Grande Danse Macabre [SWE, original plain version] only 1 album to go till I have every one
Warhammer – Towards The Chapter Of Chaos [GER, demo comp]

Celtic Frost – Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 3.3.89 [GER, VHS] no kidding, a VHS tape :P

Black Witchery – Live Desecration Ritual (December, 2001) [US, tape] not a terrible recording
Cultes Des Ghoules/Goat Tyrant – Conjurers Of Archaic Powers [POL, split, tape] lo-fi and primitive
Immolation – Demo II [US, tape] wicked! man this old stuff sounds different, really good and hopefully it’s legit
Vassafor – Obsidian Codex [US, tape x 2, got 1 for a mate] really black/doom, I’ve wanted this for a while

A.M.S.G. – Anti-Cosmic Tyranny [CAN, slipcase] I want to like this, some of it is pretty good, Saxophones…?
Doombringer – The Grand Sabbath [POL, Malignant Voices] I like it but it needs more listens

Celtic Frost – To Mega Therion [t-shirt] size huuuuuge, only XXXXL is real, may have to swap this one

Discotex head cleaning tape [sounds terrible but it’s an original… ha ha also it was free, thanks Fritz mate!]



2 Responses to “Multiple deals”

  1. Stuart Larwood 27/06/2015 at 3:12 pm #

    You on days off man???

    Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 07:47:44 +0000 To:


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