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new stuff

21 Jul

Bought these Blood CDs 4 days ago from a Discogs seller in England, UK to NZ in less than 4 days!

Blood – Christbait [GER, original]
Blood – Depraved Goddess [GER, original, no nail]
Blood – Impulse To Destroy [GER, original, cardboard sleeve but not a promo]
Blood – Mental Conflicts [GER, original]
Blood – Ο Άγιος Πέθανε O Agios Pethane The Saint Died [GER, original]

Pick of the litter – Mental Conflicts, this is an experiment in heaviness, just totally bludgeoning but really catchy and memorable songs. I’ve wanted to get another copy for ages, it’s easily in my top 10 albums [which include Been Caught Buttering, A Descent Into Hell and Vengeance War ‘Till Death…]

From another Discogs seller

Abominator – Evil Proclaimed [US]
Cruciamentum – Engulfed In Desolation [GRE]
diSEMBOWELMENT – Transcendence Into The Peripheral [US, ltd ed maroon vinyl] not for me



new cool

14 Jul

This is I think about 5 different deals from all over the place from the past month or so

Conan – Blood Eagle [UK, red tape] awesome stuff!

Hecate Enthroned – Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters) [UK, original] not for me, looking for a rear cover if anyone has one?

Antediluvian – λόγος Logos [US] finally! I’ve had it on vinyl for a short while, this is just awesome
Coffins – Ancient Torture [US, 2xCD Digipak] this totally rules, the cover songs rule, the artwork rules, Coffins rule
Cultes Des Ghoules – Angel Of Poison And Death [POL, reissue Digipak] their demo on CD, not bad
Cultes Des Ghoules – Häxan [POL, 2013 reissue] could probably do without the screaming… otherwise this is as good as always
Cultes Des Ghoules – Spectres Over Transylvania [POL, EP] yes! this is awesome, quite long for an EP too
Dead World – The Machine [GER] dark twisted industrial death, it’s no Collusion but still good
Doom – Total Doom [UK, reissue Digipak] a bit of something different for me, aggro stuff
Grief – Miserably Ever After [US, original] not my favourite of theirs but still really good
Immolation – Kingdom Of Conspiracy [GER, ltd Digipak] solid stuff if not too memorable, cool drums, needs to be played more
Isis – The Red Sea [US, ep + demo] I like old ISIS, this is to replace a rooted copy
Misery – Evil Reborn (1992-1995) [SPA, 2xCD] A Necessary Evil + all the demo stuff too, pretty good to see virtually every Misery release getting reissued
Naked Whipper – Painstreaks [stinky bootleg] this has extra tracks, the matrix has been scratched out but it was made by HOFA Germany
Nile – At The Gate Of Sethu [EUR, ltd Digipak] finally! this is catchy and memorable, great stuff
Rotten Sound – Napalm [US, bonus DVD only] insane grindcore done right, their gig here was super-intense
Tarantula Hawk – Tarantula Hawk [US] wicked, this is my kind of psychedelic space doom indeed! their other s/t album rules too
Ulcerate – The Destroyers Of All [US, DIDX matrix] not bad…


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