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small deal

31 Aug

Bought these from a seller here in New Zealand

Led Zeppelin – How The West Was Won [EUR, 3xCD Digipak] whoah I had no idea this came out in 2003, obviously it’s really good live Led Zep rules
Melvins – Nude With Boots [AUS] not bad
Ministry And Co-Conspirators – Cover Up [EUR, Digipak] about as bad as I expected it would be
Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral [US, slimline case + slipcase] 3 good songs
Saint Vitus – Born Too Late + Thirsty And Miserable [US, repress?] this is excellent

Pick of the litter is easily Saint Vitus, I can’t stop playing it, it took me years to get into these guys but I’m making up for lost time now, just don’t ask me which vocalist I prefer! ha ha



box of cool

25 Aug

Bought these from Redscroll via Discogs, evidently some of them are secondhand

Abominant – Warblast [US] I haven’t heard them much but it’s quite good, they’ve been around for years, the first 40 seconds of this sounded like black metal ha ha
Abruptum – Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes [US, Biz2Net repress] 1 hour of bleak harsh bm and random screams/unexpected wails, indeed
Black Sabbath – Never Say Die! [US, repress] it’s ok
Black Tusk – Taste The Sin [US] just getting into these guys now, really good swamp/sludge
Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer (10 Psalms For Our Lord Of Light) [US, 2xCD, repress] accidental double up, it does rule though – trader
Dark Funeral – Vobiscum Satanas [US, original] not bad but didn’t jump out at me
Deiphago – Into The Eye Of Satan [US] my new favourite Deiphago album, this totally rips!
Down – IV: The Purple EP [US, Digipak] hmm! usually I don’t care much for Down but this is quite good
Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today [US, original] I’ll be trading my 2012 reissue now
Goatsnake – Black Age Blues [US] hell yes! love this album, I don’t get the inserts though
Infernäl Mäjesty – One Who Points To Death [GRE, repress] slightly different artwork to my other version, 1 will get traded off
Lucifugum – Involtation [UKR] not really my cuppa tea – trader
Marduk – Deathmarch Tour EP [SWE, EP] rehearsal and live stuff, probably ltd ed
Marduk – Hearse [SWE, single, ltd ed] the funeral is about to begin, sir
Ramesses – The Tomb [UK] I’m still digesting this, it’s awesome for sure but doesn’t quite grab me as much as Misanthropic Alchemy
Saturnalia Temple – To The Other [US, Anja Digipak] excellent stoner doom stuff, I have NR too
Vasaeleth – All Uproarious Darkness [CAN, EP] pure knuckle dragging dm, short and gnarly

Pick of the litter: I’ve been looking forward to the Deiphago for months so you’d think it would be that, the Saturnalia Temple is excellent too but this Goatsnake is the prize winner for sure and a bit of a surprise that I like it this much, that guitar tone! this is heavy like Conan heavy, yes.



Diocletian bomber jacket

25 Aug

Got this tonight off someone from the band… DOOM CULT

jacket rearjacket fulljacket armsjacket lining

several deals

18 Aug

In no particular order from all over the planet during the past week or 3! :]

From Discogs
Cianide – Death, Doom And Destruction [US, remastered reissue] I now have every Cianide album

Swap from Israel via NWN! Nuclear War Now
Ufomammut/Lento – Supernaturals Record One [ITA, gatefold cardboard]

Purchase from Canada via Metal Archives
Antediluvian – Watchers’ Reign [IRE, comp of eps/demos] Prehistorik Khaos is especially awesome, I can swap out my tapes now
Wrathprayer – The Sun Of Moloch: The Sublimation Of Sulphur’s Essence Which Spawned Death And Life [US/CAN, ltd ed, repress?] new to Discogs

Purchase from USA via Metal Archives
Atheist – Piece Of Time [US, reissue] woops, I already have this one… new to Discogs
Burning Witch – Crippled Lucifer (Seven Psalms For Our Lord Of Light) [US, 2008 reissue 2XCD] best harsh/sludge vocals, hard to believe I’d never heard of them before
Corrosion Of Conformity – Animosity [GER, 1994 reissue] killer, old COC rules
Exodus – Fabulous Disaster [US, repress] some classic tracks on here, pity I already have an identical copy, I wasn’t paying attention here ha ha
Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum [CAN, digipak] not bad

Bolt Thrower – In Battle There Is No Law [T-shirt, size small] I’m size medium, I might just pin it to the wall…

Swap from Germany via Metal Archives
Blood – Gas Flames Bones [ITA] 2nd copy, woops
Krieg – Blue Miasma [GER, original] pretty dark stuff
Krieg – The Church [US] bleak, really cool usbm
Throneum – Deathcult Conspiracy [tape, not pro printed] new to Discogs

Swap from Finland via Metal Archives
Asphyx – Death…The Brutal Way [GER] sounds like Asphyx
Evile – Enter The Grave [EUR] pretty good modern thrash
Evile – Skull [UK]
Grand Magus – Hammer Of The North [EUR] not bad


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