ex German flea market

7 Sep

Got these last week from some German bloke who went to a flea market or something ha ha awesome! =]

Abigor – Nachthymnen (From The Twilight Kingdom) [AUT, original] not for me
Brutality – When The Sky Turns Black [GER, original] another one I have literally wanted for 20 years
Comecon – Megatrends In Brutality [GER, original] nice, I’ve wanted this for years
Deicide – Deicide [EUR, original] finally! not a repress, not a reissue
Gorefest – Erase [GER, original] sounds like Gorefest, good stuff
Gorefest – The Eindhoven Insanity [GER, original, SPV version] first time I’ve heard this and it’s pretty good
Sarcofago – Rotting [US, 1991 reissue?] I like it
Therion – Lepaca Kliffoth [GER, Digipak] not my cup of tea
Various – Death …Is Just The Beginning III [GER, ltd ed, 2xCD Digipak] I still need I and II too
Various – Nuclear Blast 100 [GER] ancient compilation

Pick of the litter is Brutality, I have all their albums now [originals] very unique sounding band that to me always stood out, their older albums are quite pricey so I was most pleased to get this for a realistic sum.



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