new stuff

16 Nov

From Discogs, about 2 weeks ago

Abaddon Incarnate – Nadir [IRE] excellent, really dig these guys
Butcher ABC – Butchered At Birth Day [JP, EP] crazy Japanese gore/death metal, quite good too
Candiru – Unloved And Weeded Out [US] wanted this one for literally 20 years ha ha it’s ok [new to Discogs]
Crucifier/Throneum/Sathanas/Bestial Mockery – Deep Grave Dungeons [POL] got this for the Throneum tracks
General Surgery Vs Butcher ABC [JPN, split] nice, I really like this one, newer GS is excellent
Guns N’ Roses – Live Era ’87-’93 [EUR, 2 CD] pretty good! [new to Discogs]
Nattefrost – Terrorist – Nekronaut Pt. 1 [UK, Digipak, Censored] this is good but has some really annoying stuff on it, like a dude taking a crap and vomiting etc
NunSlaughter – Hate Your God [SWE, ltd ed] sounds like NunSlaughter, good stuff
Ramesses/Negative Reaction [HUN, split] the Ramesses songs are good
Teitanblood – Black Putrescence Of Evil [GRE] it’s ok, a bit different to the newer stuff
Terror Organ – The Stalag Symphony [US] so this exists, it has some appeal
Venenum – s/t [GER, Digipak] quite good, reminds me of Lantern, really good artwork
Vomitor – Bleeding The Priest [SWE, metal blood] this rules, excellent everything

I suppose my favourite item here/pick of the litter is the Vomitor, it’s just a twisted catchy riff fest, it’s so violent yet so listenable.
First runner up is definitely the Abaddon Incarnate, hyper speed grinding blackened death metal, really intense!




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